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Food safety jerk at the University of Florida Emerging Pathogens Institute. Dunning-Kruger archetype, probably unshaven.

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Workin on my to do list
The thing about lizard-people is that I don't know if they're Mammalia or Reptilia and I'm to shy to ask one if they nurse their young.Review of state-of-the-art and future outlook in use of nanotechnology for waterborne pathogen sampling & detection
Alrighty. The Vegan Black Metal Chef: The Seitanic Spellbook
Cross country road trip stopping to eat only at establishments identified in foodborne outbreaks. You know, for fun.CDC's interactive NARMS data tool let's you look at geographic & temporal trends in antibiotic resistance
Real mentors are friends who invest in what you’re doing, not consultants. You can’t ask someone to be your mentor. They just become one.
Retweeted by Michael BatzSystematic review & meta-analysis of the effectiveness of food safety education interventions for consumers
Yes yes yes! America’s Smallest Nanobrewery subscribed to the Research Refined newsletter: Seems like a good #scicomm resource. Via @TiffanyFox
Retweeted by Michael Batz@ainzlie I don't know. Maybe? I haven't seen the advertisement. Could you send my way?I put leftover anything on a tortilla so what I’m saying is that I’m pretty much a fusion chef nowThe Velocity of Ebola Spread in Parts of West Africa (The Lancet: Infectious Diseases) -
Retweeted by Michael BatzCool. FDA nerds combine SNPs, PFGE, & AMR profiling to type Salmonella Saintpaul from clinical & food sources
The inability to search by record label on @applemusic is a total bummer.Nice piece on nitro cold brew. Had some this summer and it was pretty great.
@bugcounter DON'T TELL ME HOW TO LIVE YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I SWEATFinal version of my paper w @jennleblond now online. Assessing correlations btwn geological hazards & health outcomes
Retweeted by Michael Batz@benjaminchapman @danbenjamin probably stuck in a bathroom, out of paper towels, no way to leave.Interesting: Which is more predictive of all-cause mortality, 'total pathogen burden' or specific pathogens?’m a liar. I didn’t chase it. And it was probably not a dirtbag. But it did scamper up a maple, much to my surprise.Chased a groundhog up a tree. Dirtbag.
Do you know what's perfect? This TV Channel Guide from the Future:, thought-provoking essay. minute web/phone demo of an enterprise software product! Go go ggghhhhzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzUsu. avoid advertising, but @uBiome is running a 5-site #microbiome special for $89 instead of the usual $399. Code 5FOR1PARTY, today only
Retweeted by Michael BatzDoes the uptick in Cyclospora outbreaks reflect increased contamination, or increased awareness? Acheson's take:
Rise and decline in Salmonella Enteritidis outbreaks attributed to egg-containing foods in the US, 1973–2009 Read to the end, folks.
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@Steftyem @MCBazacoPhD @benjaminchapman @bugcounter @NPRHealth @MCBazacoPhD @benjaminchapman @Steftyem Throw some horns on and it's Vomiting Black Sheep Boy @MCBazacoPhD @benjaminchapman @Steftyem I don’t remember it having a face! Does it have a nickname like ‘Vomiting Larry’?@bugcounter But I'm glad to see more RCT brought to bear. To me, not so much about 'do they work' but 'which ones work' you know?@bugcounter Yep, that's my take. Behavioral interventions very tough to measure, since so sensitive to who/how/when/tone etc.This is the greatest thing to happen in months.
Retweeted by Michael Batz@bugcounter doi seems to work ok for me except for brand new articles, but that's usually when you want to share them@bugcounter controlled trial on daycare hand-hygiene intervention finds basically no effect on rates of illness
Wow: The art of autistic teenager David Barth is mind-blowing.
Retweeted by Michael BatzCDC's Emerging Infections Program is awesome, but I'm not sure we needed 115 articles in this months EID to tell us so.Pi tee don't make vids on Toxoplasma gondii if you can't pronounce it or think it's a bacteria or both @wiredscience!
I don't identify with this comic at all. Nope. No sir. Not even one little teeny tiny bit. #sob Built on a couple of other related conjoint analysis stakeholder-driven approaches to prioritization they've done.Prioritizing Zoonotic Diseases: Differences in Perspectives Between Human & Animal Health Professionals in N America Have I told you about my new venture Muktuktruck? Yeah, we specialize in blueberry grunt.Oregon’s International Outbreak Museum honors legacy of #PublicHealth leader Dr. Bill Keene:
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Exactly this.
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@MCBazacoPhD it’s the idea of happiness I can’t stand@manymanywords @kimberlygilbert @EmilyGould I don’t see why you have to limit yourself to one pipe dream.@manymanywords Close enough? Witnessing @kimberlygilbert in 'Women Laughing Alone with Salad' @EmilyGouldHey! Enjoying your Friday? Aww yeah! Read these two case reports of children with typhoid fever from 1844! Sorry! BARFHere's another good one - a summary of food and water outbreaks in the US from 1951-1960 Oh you know it. (Though today, I actually am doing something similar for a project...)Foodborne Salmonella outbreaks in England from 1923-1944, from this 1960 article thing I do: Search PubMed for a disease or pathogen. Filter by 'free full text' & sort by pub date. Read the oldest one. #nerdAn eccentric Victorian mathematician’s masterwork at the intersection of art and science
Retweeted by Michael BatzSee the raw story about recent #Salmonella outbreaks in frozen chicken entrees
Retweeted by Michael Batz
@MCBazacoPhD Take it easy, buddy! @bugcounter really?Kind of random: the most controversial policy-related food post on Reddit is re:FDA threatening artisan cheese:
Retweeted by Michael BatzOdds are not in my favor: US bicyclist deaths in motor vehicle accidents, 1975-2012 productively to the Jurassic Park theme, slowed down 1000%
Attn @emptyandthen Florida schools story is an amazing piece of data storytelling. Very good, can’t wait for the rest.
Retweeted by Michael BatzYou know that thing where your favorite podcaster promotes your podcast on your favorite podcast? B2W 233:
Retweeted by Michael BatzAnalysis of clinical STEC isolates & patient data to identify microbiological & demographic risk factors for HUS
A worthy cause. I donated. Will you?
“Greatest hits albums are for housewives and little girls.”
CFA is looking for a food safety and nutrition advocate. news of her passing, we honor Dr. Frances Kelsey. She was key in blocking approval of thalidomide in the l960s.
Retweeted by Michael Batz@bugcounter @benjaminchapman I have two ears, Don.Official debate response #DALYs and measuring morbidity and mortality on the same terms h/t @mileskimball 1/2
Retweeted by Michael Batz@bugcounter @benjaminchapman @hotdogsladies Was 1 of my favorite days & I can't wait to experience it again aurally & not just orally. Wait.A special Food Safety Talk with @bugcounter and guest @hotdogsladies , You're Into Botulism Country is up at iTunes +
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@bugcounter well hot dog! @benjaminchapman Oh yeah, let's talk about some dirty warm eggs, some cold oiled up eggs, some sweaty eggs, oh yeah@bugcounter @benjaminchapman Missed a chance to talk about egg cuticles. I love me some talk about egg cuticles.Neato model to target foods in outbreak investigation, but very dependent on deep access to food distribution data but safely: Sous vide cooking fact sheet from the Food Safety Authority of Ireland
I'm sorry Mrs Jackson (ooh) / it's our town's deal / sorry our stones made yr daughter die / but the lottery makes the corn grow high
Retweeted by Michael Batz“80% of famers worldwide are women, they keep our children fed & our food system alive."
Retweeted by Michael BatzIAFP2015 ended last week, but Portland lives on in my heart, and in my veins, thanks to @CaseCoffee
@kaboom @jrcooper #cran4lifeSupport a great cause with a beautiful shirt. Orange on tri-blend cranberry FTW. cool methods here on imputing disease incidence in situations with lack of data well I guess I could bring a tiny football with me next time to find out for surelol crying
Retweeted by Michael Batz@bugcounter not very aerodynamic, but i’ll consider it for the Halloween runCame within a foot of bowling over a wild turkey on my run this morning. I guess I should run with contacts and/or a Bowie knife.
It's just. I mean. What? 'Ted Cruz's machine-gun bacon cooking technique is a surefire recipe for disaster' to be a thought leader in the emerging technology of declaring cottage cheese to be the worst thing @Politico investigation could change the way you look at food safety - via former fellow @Trudy_Lieberman @cjr
Retweeted by Michael Batz"I don't know any life hacks. Do you know any life hacks?" Well I mean who doesn't want a badass car with wings? Just because a car doesn't NEED wings doesn't mean it shouldn't have them.Frozen berries and foodborne disease in the EU, 1983-2013
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