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John Munson @munsongs Twin Cities, MN

Minneapolis musician: Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic, The New Standards, The Twilight Hours, & MD of Wits Radio Show

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All around the country for two weeks. Then Mpls. Always feels so good to come home and have that nice Summit brew among my people
15 hours til home. Do we just lock em in and do it all the way?! Or camp in Iowa? Decisions...
@johnmoe @wits no doubt. Hey man, congrats on a nice long run. Don't hang your head. Kick against the pricks!If you have to be some place when you learn that @wits falls part may I recommend Outer Banks of NC? Perspective.@BrentLindner @wits excellent idea! "Culture! To Robinsdale!!"@funkomatic @wits @johnmoe @larissaluu @hansbuetow @coreyschreppel @mikefotis @fritzbaldwin great reminder of how many people pushed... WowThank you, Wits! @wits @johnmoe @munsongs @larissaluu @hansbuetow @coreyschreppel @mikefotis @fritzbaldwin
Retweeted by John Munson@tedleo @wits love ya, man. For real. Was a privilege to work with you. And The Both.
@johnroderick @wits nothing could be nicer than to hear that, John! Good luck with your candidacy!!@munsongs I loved working with you on @wits
Retweeted by John MunsonHey pals! Thanks for your thoughts about @wits. Lasted longer than some bands I've been in. A nice run all in all. Now on to whatever.Re: @wits All I really did was hire @Roehmeo @JosephRSavage @winnerbowzer and @richardmedek they made the music shine.@peteclowney @winnerbowzer @richardmedek @Roehmeo @JosephRSavage @wits thanks Peter.@larissaluu @winnerbowzer @richardmedek @Roehmeo @JosephRSavage Too generous, Larissa. But you are a dear. Hope to work w/ u down the lineThere is a place in VA called "Onancock". I wonder what people do there?
@DanWilsonMusic @MSPdude Wait! MCA made you a studio?! (-;
@UNIfan2 man. It looks sweet. Good luck. I can't do it right now.
Every time I visit a national park I feel super patriotic because WE did this. And WE support it. It is a beautiful thing. Thank you all."C mon people now. Smile on your brother, everybody get together gotta love one another right now" just sayin'@UNIfan2 sorry for your loss. I am not too familiar with that bass but curious to know more.@redjacketmine @wits well someone's got it... See if @coreyschreppel can help you out but likely it's a 30 second bit
Swimming pools of rain.... Just ridiculous
Can Montana’s Smith River Survive a Nearby Mine? take heed @GovernorDayton Stop @polymet mines proposal! RUINATION@stevenscriss @wits I never liked that song as much as when I learned to play it. Then it became the funnest thing EVER. cc @taylorswift13
Define Leonine: Bjorn Borg@mfarnan @wits I must set to doing that and ruling the minds of ALL.
@munsongs Have you heard the isolated bass track of "Roundabout"? Amazing.
Retweeted by John Munson...but on top of all that is the playing, the inventiveness, the power and the singing. A great musician who changed me. RIP Chris.It is amazing to hear a bass sound that cuts and insists on it's melodic importance still be so deep and funky....On a bit of a Yes bender since the death of BASS GREAT CHRIS SQUIRE. The sound of his instrument alone is enough to cement his position...
Good old Eurovan. May you always wait until we are in vacationland before you breakdown, you old bitch.
I suppose it's been pointed out that Chemical Bros shld prob pay Gorillaz for that riff in Go. @TheCurrent
Come on @GovMarkDayton take down @PolyMetMining by FIAT. it's the right thing to do. And the proper protection.
@FirstAvenue @hodgman @TheCedar John your moustache is looking positively Zorro-esque! Is that Just for Men?Gah. Such a drag to hear @mndnr leader excited about the degradation of our natural resources and @PolyMetMining looming superfund site
@jdmcphersonjr already sent along my guy's number. Hope it works out. Call me if you need an axe.Please someone... Throttle the "get in the hole!" guy. Just do it. #USOpen2015 Reach over and throttle him. Like the stupid chicken he is.@LaurelsQuartet sound great at RTGIt's good to bring desperation out into the light though, Conor Oberst #rtg2015bright sunshine and morbid thoughts punctuated by tales of addiction survival! #rtg2015
@nated80 @ErikStolhanske are they a girl band?I am pleased to inform you that Hamm's Beer is a refreshing summer libation. And cheap!
@dropkickdesign that was a fun night as is any night at @FirstAvenue on the big stage.Was so hoping to see @BarbAbney swing a golf club today... Will it happen?
@mrsbraintree @MSPdude @TwilightHours @MattWilsonMusic I guess I might as well GO DIE THEN! fine...
@MSPdude @TwilightHours @MattWilsonMusic god willing!Listened down to @TwilightHours rough mixes with @MattWilsonMusic yesterday. I can't wait for it to come out. But will have to.@thedailybeast People pretend. It's what we do. What did she actually accomplish in her role is the real question.Super excited to take my girls camping today. Paddling fishing swimming tenting. Thunderstorms after midnight. Perfect.Nice to hear you @steveseel Welcome back.
My thumbs are so stupid and my eyes are shit. I should never post from phone ever again.There are over 900 free (with admission) music performances at this year's @mnstatefair.
Retweeted by John MunsonOkay. Now I'm nervous. Mark Seely @MPRweather is coming to @newstandards show at @DakotaJazzClub tonight. Weather in shirt getting stormy.@jadeisthename @TheCurrent don't forget to get out there and have a good time and make us all jealous.You can do not do what you want but if you shutter state parks for the summer then to hell with lot of you. @MPRnews @GovMarkDayton
@robertskoro @theradicoolest let us discuss this. @ymcacampdunord is a magical place to bring your family. And the Fest Du Nord is a gas.
@theradicoolest @robertskoro great idea. What about next year, Rob?
@Cary_Elwes @katedmonson @wits @johnmoe @NPR fantastic pic! Thank you for a great night Cary!! Excellent stories.@katedmonson @wits @johnmoe @Cary_Elwes you were a treat! Thank you for coming!!
@tony_gamble1 @DanWilsonMusic possibly still my favorite thing we ever did! The pink Pleasure spot makes it sexy. Find a cassette deck ASAP@BeschlossDC @LOLGOP I get so scared when I see these pictures. Terrifying.@larsleafblad sympathy. We just went to the park, played the games and parents asked, "did you have fun?" after we got home. Sigh.@MorganGustafer as a time torn man you would understand that better than most. Tonite I get to exorcise Bob on @wits Then back to hating.Is it possible that I have a soft spot for Bob Seger in my cold heart? I have so sternly professed otherwise for so long that I am shocked.
The goalies at this level.... Just unbelievable. Both of em.
@halvorson recent hotel experience: underpants hanging from bathroom door and a pile of lingerie in hallway which remained for WHOLE STAY!
So pleased to know that Dr Hospital is going to be a regular thing. First theme in 5/4 for @wits Very show appropriate meter marking.
@theweepies tunes don't have an ounce of fat on em. Very to the point. And really nice band. Really. Nice.Nice to hear a band i wasn't aware of at all sound so good. @theweepies at #thefitz Pete Thomas on drums don't hurt also pal Brad Gordon!!
Okay, maybe it's just a perfect day but my sense is that @fatherjohnmisty sounds f ing great at Halls IslandSometimes I think "whoa my yards a mess!" And then I think about the times I tried to get things to grow in my apt windowsill.Mpls! My show at @TheCCU is tomorrow! There'll be jokes about sex and Johnny Appleseed and other things, too, maybe.
Retweeted by John MunsonHey @DanWilsonMusic Any copies of The Tropicals CDs around? Every month I've got one of those tunes running up in here.
@markatruslow I remember that gig. It happened during either the World Series or ALCS of 1991. Hard to tear away from @Twins to play show!@steadycraig that one'll get you. Hallmark of greatness: big real tears.@AliLozoff @HarMarSuperstar @winnerbowzer @wits Wow Sean. That's your record. Overdub a guitar and done. How could you sing it better?Not just @HarMarSuperstar but with @munsongs @winnerbowzer all The Witnesses & a horn section. MUST WATCH.
Retweeted by John Munson
@BhiBhiman your @wits version of Guttersnipe might be better than the record. Just sayin'! #wits
Enjoying NYC so thoroughly. It's bustle. And @JoesPub is the best ever. Forever.
Twin Cities man in hot water over Twitter image of Obama in noose via @startribune ugh. This guy is from Minne. ShameIs it worth it to be born into misery, & die alone for that brief chance to love? No. It's exactly the same as never being born. Enjoy Arbys
Retweeted by John MunsonTonight @JoesPub we explore the proposition: in every good song lies latent a great samba. Please discuss @bernardsumner @peterhook
Retweeted by John Munson@ChrisVanDeusen @wits @winnerbowzer do it! Fitz is awes.In which @JimBessman writes a lovely remembrance of the great Bruce Lundvall of @bluenoterecords
Retweeted by John Munson@newstandards tonight at @JoesPub New York. 7:30 show so you can still make it to the beach house afterwards.@billchilds nope. Enjoy!
Check the list of former residents at the groovy upper west side bldg I was sad to have to dash before you sang for I'm certain that was the loveliest moment of the night.To wear the crazy homemade costume or not. That is the question tonight.
@broglund we adopted our first foster. It happens pretty often I think.@broglund we are fostering dogs. Sort of great. You get to meet and look after dogs and help find families or people that will love themSort of hate that teams from Anaheim and Tampa Bay are this good at hockey.
"'Guys, I need you!!' He screamed silently" #mostminnesotan
After only two days of donations...two more days to go! Monday & Tuesday (between 8 am-8 pm) we NEED A LOT OF HELP...
Retweeted by John Munson@jbjohnbender These are VERY classy fish.@TheSuburbsBand the twitter handle for this assemblage is @newstandards FYI. Love ya, baby!!@TheSuburbsBand that is @Roehmeo you're referring to, right?Just spent 150.00 plus on fine cheeses and cured meats for the big fishing trip this weekend. Times have changed. Gourmet Shack.@hansbuetow @mikefotis there she is again!! Oh lord!!! Using her poetic voice like a weapon!!If you dig @TheSuburbsBand come see Chan with fab @munsongs and Steveio May 22 in NYC!
Retweeted by John Munson
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