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W.O.O.F.@KWALRULES @ShanersMD @k_ved brainchild of the three of usdafuq, Rangers? I don't even know you. http://t.co/2ZlN5rDRkB@crushspread let's split itI am the proud owner of http://t.co/OOqKWBFQz2Game time. Everyone get your on deck drink. http://t.co/9avLf0egUghttps://t.co/xkD9V4CDsMMathematician John Nash, subject of film A Beautiful Mind, killed in New Jersey taxi crash with his wife, police say http://t.co/oY64v2Pe80
Retweeted by ___This is incredible. Space, when the moon is scaled to the size of a pixel. Amazing we are even here. | http://t.co/DANolZCvbeDogs are awesome. | https://t.co/LElFCymueG@k_ved that's worse than a weekday wake up. Tee time?
THIS. GAME. #wowCrawford with a very justified lumberjack chop. You don't run into a goalie.3 goals in 37 seconds. Holy shish kebab.Who put the peewee league goalie in for Chicago?Empty gym on the weekend is the greatest. Will be here a while. | https://t.co/9Ogxbn1Trh
So it is written... | https://t.co/STPbcFdBxx@ShanersMD no work Monday. What a weekend.http://t.co/MXd4EeR376
Retweeted by ___A merciless Lightening beat down in Tampa is exactly what we need headed back to NY. The psychological implications of this game are monsterHLY SHT IT'S MSLReturn of the RangersTake out that trash, Kreids #LGRMy favorite thing on earth is when ads for casinos have the gambling addiction hotline sitting at the bottom the *entire time.Nash goal http://t.co/MlNAkNRSw7
Retweeted by ___NOW IT'S A SERIES #NASHTY@ShanersMD challenge accepted@ShanersMD there's one thing I will be inviting myself to quite a bit this summer@ShanersMD @dfledderjohn thanks for your service, we're just going to need a liiiittle bit more for this house@dfledderjohn more likely that it's due to servicemen relocationHomes near Army bases are 50k more than US med home value. Those near Navy/Coast Guard/Marine bases are 90k+ higher. Never would've guessed@largecaptrader1 I was wondering what that was
Wow. There's a special place for people like this. https://t.co/zA752kZvfGThat's a living cat. Just stalking me. I hate cats. http://t.co/AqMSaFHq35Rummaging around and stumbled across a deal stuffed with subprime loans issued by Countrywide. Man, am I glad this wasn't my problem.This was covered in an episode of @theleaguefxx. I have felt safe in forests ever since. https://t.co/DXXRV7xlmq
Now this is for real. | https://t.co/ZMg50QHzUYChildhood dream. "@DannyDTHW: So this just happened..old time hockey video game projected onto the ice http://t.co/OaIJbSqdMp"#LGR https://t.co/ZMg50QHzUY#PleaseLetRangersScoreMoreThanFour@k_ved "can I get hot sauce?" "we have hot sauces that are made from a different pepper each from a-" "nvm I'm going to the bodega"#PleaseLetRangersScoreMoreThanTwoSo the Rangers have their usual allotment of two goals. Now what?
Retweeted by ___Top shelf. The FCC should be all over that. #LGRGrown ass man on a razor scooter. What is this world coming to?@k_ved @ShanersMD @CFMcG if you take this team down because of your pride, you're in for a world of trouble@aussietorres when you buy that you're obligated to finish it by yourself....says the guy who also does thatMe IRL: http://t.co/p1sT4IgY0K https://t.co/rFCez3AtHCI just want to stop hearing about rate hikes like this next one is the last rate hike EVER.At first I was ambivalent re: rate hike this year. Now, all I want to see is that hike because I'm not leveraged out the wazoo so bring it.Retired hockey star Niklas Lidstrom authored a paper in the science journal @PLOSONE How cool is that? http://t.co/3ibYimsHFx
Retweeted by ___@SBarlow_ROB how's Toronto twitter doing with that deal dropping?Golf flagstick in Utah struck by lightning. [Insert Caddyshack reference here ____] (Source: http://t.co/lG79BaiKd2) http://t.co/TFy2xXNTFt
Retweeted by ___@EricHazard they need to start teach CAPM somewhere I guess"virtually zero credit risk" is always amusing to come across in various literature.Yes...they should have brainstormed a few more name ideas.Protip: the program StrokeIt is a free to download mouse gesture shortcut program and makes your keyboard obsolete outside of Excel.The rules of hockey must be amended to reward such athleticism. https://t.co/jgpN9OWW8g
FHFA, Fannie, Freddie say single securitization still years away http://t.co/BFW8NDipom #hw
Retweeted by ___At this point he should start going by Carl iCahn.Construction numbers today just spit hot fire.
Getting taken to school by one guy off of inexcusable mistakes. You play professional hockey, stop tripping in open ice.Do you think the biker gang fight was kicked off after they saw the TSwift video for Bad Blood?@ShanersMD MSL put options would've been so hot at the beginning of the playoffs #regretsRangers should trade MSL back to Tampa for Johnson. Take your hero back.Pick. Up. The. Trash. #LGRAs someone who is not predisposed to looking for this kind of stuff in movies, this is a great video. | http://t.co/86Z3iDN7CYCompletely out of my comfort zone in this new gig and it's very refreshing.First coffee of the day. Needed.@ShanersMD @k_ved @MCSalama ty for copy paste. I'm downloading that asap.@k_ved @MCSalama @ShanersMD pretty much "what?" on all frontsHow do you have the time to have an opinion on literally everything? I don't understand most things. And some of you are only 15.
Retweeted by ___
Holy shit, this week's Silicon Valley might have topped the handjob episode.
Retweeted by ___And to no one's surprise. Barcelona wins la liga.
THAT'S GAME. SMOOTHIE TIME. http://t.co/HiFDBUQZKvProblem with the Rangers game is that once we score we get complacent with a close game. Then that happens."You're gonna have to pick up the trash"LET'S. GO.Gotta lean on those Blueshirts. | https://t.co/vzZYXm41v6
The real benefit of no work on a weekday is Ippudo for lunch.@LimeyN @nfl Goodell must have some bet with the buddy going. "No way you could get away with being the worst commish ever" "watch me"@k_ved 1) egg salad breakfast 2) fermented fish for lunch 3) unemployed before the close
Didn't realize they did that in my 'hood http://t.co/uPtJjKevZVSurest way to spot an AH: superman logo on the shirt.#ThrowbackThursday @NYDNSports http://t.co/9f36TtNpky
Retweeted by ___Did the final walk out. Dropping this place like: https://t.co/avytPER5SRRangers become 1st team in NHL postseason history to overcome 3-1 series deficit in consecutive years. http://t.co/RnxJ1sQ47O
Retweeted by ___@LadyFOHF there is always a take out, no worries thereBoston Globe cartoon on Brady & NFL (H/T @warrenkzola) http://t.co/zVQ5jnqLzE
Retweeted by ___@SmithsonianMag are you feeling alright?Probably the best way to guarantee votes in your favor: befriend Beyoncé https://t.co/RTb0640rvi
The third time @ovi8 guarantees something, just put your life savings on the oppositeLET'S GO RANGERS@ShanersMD @dananicolehuss that was OT, broApologies in advance for Game 7 Hockey Twitter™
Retweeted by ___Lady, this is what happens when you actually *do things at work. You learn things.While training someone, I show her a ton of shortcuts to lay off the mouse. "You know so many shortcuts, I feel like you're playing piano"Now everyone can see how sad your diet and palate are! https://t.co/8RmLquR9PmFantastic strike from Morata. That was a HMD goal.Watching UCL at work because tomorrow is my last day #NGAF
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