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Chad Johnson @ochocinco Liberty City

Famous for grammatical corrections, football, fashion, FIFA/A. Warfare. Solving world problems with love for all women. Employed by @CBSSports & @MTLAlouettes

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I think I look good today...Don't let the system dictate how much you spend, there's a loophole in EVERYTHING, you just have to find it...Sleep w/ whoever own the day care, 1 less bill... #TheFrugalTeam RT @vwash81: @ochocinco man just day care ... are not expensive, that's a total mind fuck, dominate frugally... RT @MccalisterShawn: @ochocinco i have 2 kids, they are expensive.RT @YaboySkeete: If u don't want other ni**as around ur kids keep em 24/7 like @ochocinco does...I'm happy, my kids are dope so that makes me happy, I think all of you should have kids, well have sex 1st then wait 9 months...Guess ya'll missed the first tweet since nobody responded, I said I fucking love you, don't be inconsiderate shit!!!Get yours by any means necessary before midnight... love you fuckers indefinitely, deal with it...My 1-day fantasy baseball league on Fan Duel. Somebody play against me while I'm on this ✈️ & @OchocincoJr playing UNO at Red Lobster... playing UNO at Red Lobster... Soul Food spot in Norfolk?Best cigar bar in Norfolk?Norfolk, VA. all next week w/ the squad for part 2 of Junior Olympics for @BabyChaiel_85 💃🏾Flying to Vegas tonight...That 1:03.10 was @BabyChaiel_85 Personal Record... RT @ayyeTRAIN: @ochocinco what's her PR?So @BabyChaiel_85 400 meters was okay, her split time was 26.76 & her official time was a 1:03.10 how little @BabyChaiel_85 is, 400 meters is up in 10 minutes... USA 🇺🇸 is running the 400 meters at 9am, who schedules races at 9am for 10 year olds... 😡I'm at Starbucks, what are you doing?I love you...
Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson’s daughter is already a national track star
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonListening to Michael McDonald's song "I Keep Forgetting" on repeat enjoying a White Series Monte Cristo super turnt up...If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever -Winnie the Pooh- UNO with the kids inside these people's establishment & we're a little too loud...It was a pleasure to run into @ochocinco at Metro Diner today w/ all my bros! Hope you're having a good time in Duval
Retweeted by Chad Johnson🚶🏿How I know i'm officially washed? Article on Lebron, my daughter @BabyChaiel_85 then Tom Brady...😔 free to go to dinner tonight in Jacksonville?#HalaMadrid RT @JeremyHill33: Safe to say I'm ready for training camp... Don't you think so @ochocinco will either make you focus or take your focus #LifeTooShort
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonI've gotten 3 shades darker moving my complexion color into something reminiscent of exotic charcoal...I fucking love you & there's nothing you can do to change that...Good morning...
Anybody remember the movie The Flamingo Kid or am I the only 40 year old up this late?Caught that grammatical error late but I caught it just like Dez caught that got damn ball...Did you love someone today? It's not too late to get those "I Love You's" off, hell while you're at hump anything moving, it's Wednesday...😂😂😂 I love you... RT @AllyMcBands: @ochocinco You aiiiiiiiiight.Because I look damn good & I can... RT @AllyMcBands: Dear Grown Ass Man, why are you talking selfies with a selfie stick?RT @JoeBudden: God blessing all the Washed ni**as.Gonna grab Starbucks, drive to Island Girl cigar bar, kick my feet up & watch the homies play on periscope... #ZENWatching my soccer team play on periscope since I'm in Jacksonville at my daughters track meet. #LosPicantes💃🏾 RT @balleralert: Ballerific Sports: Cha'iel Johnson Advances To Track Finals: blogged by @niksofly @DwyaneWade: Nope. I'm just not in town right now. You will have your day on court!!! ducking our 1 on 1 matchup on the court...@jwelter47 Congrats & I love you...Check @TheMadViolinist cover of @TreySongz "Slow Motion" 3 different instruments in this. @scooterbraun @usher ----> RT @madisonward22: Hey.. Welcome to Ward Wednesday. Madison Ward -- Baby, Baby you ignore my tweets I hope you're orgasm-less till your next pay period...I love you again cause half of you won't respond because you're cocky...I love you...Post your credit score... RT @GriffinTimothy: @ochocinco how do I meet a nice black woman if I'm white?RT @itsBROOKEdotcom: There's just something about @ochocinco Lord.Fresh $60 outfit...Post Potters House Soul Food Bistro smoke... House selection of various dish combinations is better than browsing Pornhub....Oh my bad same place...Potters House or Soul Food Bistro?@BabyChaiel_85 came in 2nd place w/ a 28.24 in the 200 meters to qualify for the next round... 💃🏾@BabyChaiel_85 200 meter entrance... to go to a Soul Food spot in Jacksonville with the kids, any suggestions...200 meters up next for @BabyChaiel_85 then we are done at 2:30 today...@tattedNspatted @DJG24_7 I'm in ya city, my cleats are in the trunk, after my daughters track meet you can get REAL release/route work.💃🏾 RT @TMZ: Chad Johnson's Daughter -- Crushing U.S. Junior Olympics ... Advances to Finals Johnson's Daughter -- Crushing U.S. Junior Olympics ... Advances to Finals
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonIt's a beautiful day in Jacksonville...@ochocinco @usatf
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonJunior Olympics: @BabyChaiel_85 ready for the 800 meters in 20 minutes... Eric Berry... #ChiefsI've never seen this much activity via Twitter this early in the morning...😳
Finna be as frugal as @ochocinco
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonJust saw @ochocinco at the Jr. Olympics with his daughter. right on dude 🙏🏾
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonAt Hodges Stadium w/ Bri & @BabyChaiel_85 for the Junior Olympics Ceremony Hello, I'm Chad & I love you, I will be visiting your establishment everyday in 6 hour intervals until I leave Sunday...Where is the best cigar bar in Jacksonville?What are ya'll doing?RT @Two_Six: Bruh I think T.I. Should get father of the year, but @ochocinco might get it this year..I got my daughter back... WHAT ARE THOSE!!!!! to my ex @missjillscott new album entitled "WOMAN" headed to eat breakfast with the squad... Diner it is... 🚗💨What is the best breakfast spot in Jacksonville?
They haven't grasped the concept of #TheFrugalTeamMy kids just pointed at my $10 kicks & screamed "What are those" 😔Racing your kids in the hotel parking lot barefoot & winning by 2 car lengths... #BuildsCharacterBeing ghetto racing base.ball & babychaiel_85 in the hotel parking lot barefoot Fuel light is on but Jacksonville is so close... #Yolo fuel light just came on, if I'm not mistaken I still have 20 miles before I actually run out of gas...Seeing them in a bonnet w/ a fresh manicure & pedicure... 😍 RT @TuckOnTheRise: Black Men, share something you love about Black Women.They've given me a beautiful squad... RT @TuckOnTheRise: Black Men, share something you love about Black Women.All the snacks in the pantry if they have kids... RT @TuckOnTheRise: Black Men, share something you love about Black Women.80 miles before we reach Jacksonville, Kevin Gates blasting the rest of the way...I'm in Daytona, should drive by BCU & remind them that FAMU marching 100 = 🐐A lot of people will ignore the truth because they like the lie....
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonMGX sprinters and @ochocinco at Disney's 2015 Club Championship #Orlando #MiamiGardens #Trackandfield #Champions
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonThat's a porpoise... 🐬 RT @urmindblown: As a game, whales let dolphins ride on their head.'m happy... RT @ThatDamnTwerk1: No such thing as broke and happy.When their plate is empty & you still sit at the table with em... RT @oliviadungy: @ochocinco define love somebody..
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