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Chad Johnson @ochocinco Liberty City

Famous for grammatical corrections, football, fashion, FIFA/A. Warfare. Solving world problems with love for all women. Employed by @CBSSports & @MTLAlouettes

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I'm up $720 dollars in my league on Fan Duel, what players do I need to win that 10k, already have Giancarlo Stanton...Brunch + Cigar + Cafe Con Leche http://t.co/VgXcrYuHVX@EASPORTSFIFA I need more competition guys...Can someone leave work & play me in FIFA15 at @MIDTOWNSOCCER at 4, $100 for every goal you score...I love you people even though your egos won't allow you to respond at times...Bum... http://t.co/BqKGo2x9H8Love anything moving today...
Watching "The Gambler" way past my bed time just to jot down all them GEMS (quotes) John Goodman spews throughout the film...RT @UberFacts: The pornography industry is a $97 billion business worldwide due to @ochocinco 's creative positions...Serious question: what are Rihanna's feet doing at this very moment?Hoping these Waffle House coupons haven't expired yet...I need Waffle House for dinner tonight...@BSO I love you...@StilettoJill I love you...@FullCourtPUMPS I love you...@RealMuthaknows I love you@TMZ I love you@balleralert I love you...Just start tweeting people "I Love You", they talk shit respond w/ "I Love You", you have a 1 night stand "I Love You" love EVERYTHINGI Love You RT @khloekardashian: If you are able to say something publicly I would assume you would be able to say something privately.It's past my bed time but I still love you awesome, opinionated, rich (according to some of your tweets), got all the answers citizens.Los Picantes!!! http://t.co/Llr0zLov5kYou love somebody today?RT @jaaku_youshiki: Not interested . In meeting . Getting to know . ANYONE . Except @ochocinco📝 RT @_MONAMOUR_: It is a mans job to pay all the bills thoughRT @itsmebeautee: That boy @ochocinco know he ugly OMG!!!Who is blowing on those pencils in the Charlie Charlie videos?#3 is the better spot according to studies RT @RadioReddRoxx: The reality is, you wouldn't be #2 if he wanted u to be his #1. #BeSmart ✊🏽👀 RT @Barbie_Bates_: Can't wait for a date night where I'm able to sip on some nice wine & go back to the house, make love & get pregnantMy damn keurig, I want it back... RT @Barbie_Bates_: What do you and your ex's have to talk about?8:30 game at Kendall Soccer Park tonight, I'll score twice before the half easily...Mucha suerte @Club_Queretaro en el partido de mañana, vamos con todo por ese título! #TodosSomosGallosTaking everyone that lives in my community that's affiliated w/ the Home Owners Association to dinner at Prime 112...Are you guys doing okay?Can't wait till the summer is here so I can get my squad full time, I gotta get this being a dad gig down to a science...@EASPORTSFIFA Can you get a camera crew & travel the world w/ me as I beat people in FIFA in their place of residence...I remember when @ochocinco went to my job and told me he loved me :))) #BahamaBreeze
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonMake someone smile today, a simple I love you in passing or an unexpected nude can make a difference...Prayers for my good people in Houston...RT @JenTrotty: I want a man with a man bun or @ochocincoI see a little bit of slander on the timeline, bottle that anger up & save it for your next horizontal encounter...Portable red carpet today... http://t.co/UEYHN9NukFJust got this fine 55 year old lady's phone number at the red light driving a Mary Kay pink cadillac...@FIFAcom I love you, all of you from top to bottom are in my prayers...@ochocinco Lol ugh shoes say so much about people
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonUgly shoes for an ugly dude...I love you awesome citizens again this morning...
Shell Toe High... http://t.co/A3xYwCtootA$AP album is dope...Why did I only win $70 & I have Giancarlo Stanton... 😒Can somebody play me in my baseball Fan Duel tonight, starts in 30 minutes... http://t.co/GIck0xLeVH http://t.co/V9u4os3ZB3Cavs winning tonight?How are we feeling today?Prayers again for those in Houston dealing w/ Mother Nature, hoping you & your families are okay...Can someone take a guess on who Mayweather will fight in September?I said I fucking love you...I love you...Distressed + Specs of Wood... http://t.co/EcRjIp6unaEverybody grab my cousin @asvpxrocky new album "AT.Last.Long.A.S.A.P" http://t.co/D3Hzt9mFPnI look good today even though I'm distressed...We loving this morning or nah?
Ok bet, wearing my pajamas, past my bedtime. RT @FloydMayweather: Right now https://t.co/KsSZWPXzu7@DonCarlos0406 Welcome home...Okay RT @snow_white100: You got my attention now use it to your advantage @ochocinco@FloydMayweather What time we going to KOD?How could you not want to see those you love/D win at life...I could you not want to see those you love/D win at life...💯 RT @necolebitchie: We are RT @ochocinco: I hope all my exes are doing well...I'm so happy I just want to love people & eat McDonald's w/ a nice 54 gauge cigar...I hope all my exes are doing well...@nflcommish I love you & nothing is gonna change that, I texted you my new number, let's catch up over Starbucks...You know hard it is to find a random dollar in public but you just so happen to randomly stumble across 66 pounds of cocaine...You don't find 66 pounds of cocaine, why insult the publics intelligence, just say they threw you a bone to stay off their ass...#Protocol RT @KPRC2: Police find 66 pounds of cocaine on Galveston beach http://t.co/DkA3lhK6lo #KPRC2 #HouNews http://t.co/UJXlqOirSXWhat dat mouf do? RT @Barbie_Bates_: 😎😎 @ Grapeland Water Park" https://t.co/UOZr27HNIZI feel a LOVE RANT coming on...@JiggyJihad I love you...Prayers to those in Texas dealing with Mother Nature...I need custody of my squad...Without wearing high end I might add... RT @DiamondLRosario: @ochocinco has an interesting fashion senseBecause of my creativity & ability to make anything look good I should be designated as Rihanna's red carpet date for all events.RT @PUSHATIFF: When I'm in a relationship I don't even give other ni**as a glimmer of hope except @ochocincoWonder how irritated it made my fellow colleagues when I'd say "I LOVE YOU" all game long...I've been saying "I LOVE YOU" to everybody for 37 years. RT @Bryan_Hansen14: @ochocinco always spreadin' love. http://t.co/qG3k4k7ouwLenny Williams pandora station... RT @Zoo757: Need good vibes, what songs y'all recommend? In listen to them🅿️epe http://t.co/wVufcMTLGMGuess I'll go play indoor at @MIDTOWNSOCCER at 5 & embarrass people in real life instead of online...Headed to @DavidsCafeWorld to eat since everybody online in FIFA15 isn't up to par...@BeastAnk24 Better luck next time...1. RT @BeastAnk24: Todays the day i beat @ochocinco in FIFA@MJLoney Better luck next time... #FIFAKING1. RT @MJLoney: @ochocinco just saw you sign on FIFA. Let's play. BobbySquirtsSecurity officer in the airport had the audacity to point out that I had the same outfit on 3 days ago on my Instagram, bih I know... 😒Arrived safely back in Miami w/ the squad, can someone please come to my house & play me in FIFA15...@Femininja4Q I love you & your "Don't Date" tweets...Lenny William's pandora station has me feeling like I can date Rihanna...Kids pick up any damn thing in store, the hell you grabbing The Wall Street Journal for...Walking with kids in the airport let alone in any public place seems to be somewhat of a chick magnet...In the airport w/ the squad waiting to depart all the lovely peaches in ATL...
Nudes? RT @Barbie_Bates_: Fresh out 🚿💦
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