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Owen Barder @owenbarder Somewhere in Europe, mostly

Senior Fellow & Director for Europe at @CGDev. Economist. Ex Treasury, DFID & No.10. Passionate about fighting poverty. Views my own.

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Ideas on aid and how to do it from @owenbarder nicely set out here: http://t.co/4bUJjGV69C
Retweeted by Owen Barder.@alexcobham off to Tax Justice Network (congrats). I'll miss him @CGDev -a man sparking w/ ideas & good taste in beer
Retweeted by Owen BarderGreat piece in NYT: UK shamelessly wields its 'ownership' of top UN humanitarian post. http://t.co/mSKIHaATer via @alexevansuk
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Join @UKODI and @instituteforgov looking back at the evolution of UK government #opendata policy on 11 Dec: http://t.co/jlgsrbGqIk
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With Valerie Amos leaving UNOCHA, will the appointment of her successor be merit-based? http://t.co/d5MtT0w67SContinuous upheaval no substitute for vision http://t.co/9vXnv1nHKr On World Bank same idea: http://t.co/CyEFoWdtMB
Retweeted by Owen BarderThe FT is hiring. @martinstabe says the graduate training scheme this year includes a place for a data journ / web developer / coder #hhldn
Retweeted by Owen BarderMoving on from @CGDev http://t.co/G3Jrx7uORo (it's been an absolute blast) to @TaxJusticeNet http://t.co/ueGu9w8csp (about which v excited)
Retweeted by Owen Barder@GuardianGDP much better! thanks.@GuardianGDP I get a 404 ...@DougSaunders what about the BBC?Following Money. We R in. @FTM_Network @GlobalIntegrity @TAInitiative @OKFN @openbudgets @GFI_Tweets @aidtransparency http://t.co/icyFqb8d9L
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Gates Foundation to require the researchers it funds publish only in immediate open-access journals http://t.co/AOtcNxGfzF
Retweeted by Owen Barder#interdev14 2013 impact investment $46 bn of which 70pc in emerging and developing markets. Growing rapidly.
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@jonathanglennie they really should have backed one of the songs by African artists @ianbirrell @kwatkinsodi @pvall @lisamarkwell@ianbirrell Then I think the verb you are looking for is perhaps "lobbying" rather than "dictating"? @kwatkinsodi @pvall @lisamarkwell@ianbirrell @kwatkinsodi @pvall @lisamarkwell I don't think the charge of "dictating" stands up. People who buy Band Aid do so voluntarily.Brilliant news that @dfid_uk Humanitarian Innovation & Evidence programme have won the Analysis & Use of Evidence Award! #csawards
Retweeted by Owen Barder.@kwatkinsodi @ianbirrell @pvall @lisamarkwell what if that money - which is good - comes at the cost of perpetuating harmful stereotypes?Last time @rajeshmirchand anchors @BBCWorld before joining @CGDev as Director of Communications and Policy Outreach http://t.co/ncOzR5Ru5iThe nature of power is changing. Interesting from @jeremyheimans in @harvardbiz: https://t.co/vq6os16tjm http://t.co/abUKCGJbp3Stop Trying to Save the World http://t.co/bu2LFvqDJB
Retweeted by Owen BarderInternational Development Is Broken. Here Are Two Ways to Fix It. http://t.co/g2X7xCP1t4
Retweeted by Owen BarderUK reach target 0.7% to foreign aid in economic downturn! If #UK can, many others can follow! My @EurActiv interview: http://t.co/N69OHfoe3g
Retweeted by Owen BarderThe new @CGDev Comms Director @rajeshmirchand presents his last bulletin for @BBCWorld http://t.co/kvsLye6Ofk
Tim Besley and Paul Collier discuss the importance of economic growth. https://t.co/IIWWmnAgT4"The US is fundamentally in a scramble to head off a loss of influence in #Asia" - @Morris_ScottA via @globeandmail: http://t.co/HC9GWyKrKN
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Excellent @CGDev response to @bondngo critique of Payment by Results, acknowledging serious probs in implementation http://t.co/Sj6WJNi9d9
Retweeted by Owen BarderWe've been making plans for our new Wilton Road Development Seminars @cgdev in London, which will start in the New Year. #WoRDSGoals, goals, goals: 2015 will bring a big debate over what targets the world should set itself for 2030. My latest http://t.co/FOEJDJc5oZ
Retweeted by Owen BarderThere are 3 big international conferences covering global development next year. 2 of them might produce results... http://t.co/3Bxi8z6r3h
Retweeted by Owen BarderHow to make foreign aid more like investing - my latest column in @ForeignPolicy: http://t.co/PDK9OaM1zu cc @viewfromthecave @owenbarder
Retweeted by Owen Barder.@GlobalInnovFund is hiring! Terrific job opportunity for outstanding admin assistant to join dynamic #London startup http://t.co/xz9NnI3Tmr
Retweeted by Owen BarderDecision by attrition is not the way to manage innovation! @owenbarder #dfidpbr
Retweeted by Owen BarderThe @worldbank is an #opendata org but no maps of fibre infrastructure they fund are published @worldbankdata @worldbankict @worldbankafrica
Retweeted by Owen Barder#dfidpbr @tobyecc nails it. Some PbR programmes are designed to create flexibility and autonomy; bolting results onto old systems won't work#dfidpbr did the failed bureaucratisation of the participatory approach into PRSPs show that participatory approaches are not useful?#dfidpbr I agree with Chambers about the need for programmes led by & accountable to the poor. But PbR makes that more, not less, possible.Job opportunity @NIESRorg - last chance! Research economist with good quantitative skills: http://t.co/sjz1BirroS
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What is Payment By Results for? Brilliant blog post by @ritaperakis and @billsavedoff http://t.co/o7qSAkRpgpLondon's new bridge will be a private tourist attraction. WTF? http://t.co/ugkx64V4qu Say it isn't so, @joannalumleyThe share of US MNE profits retained in' 'tax havens' has also risen: nearly four-fold since the 1980s, towards 40% http://t.co/1ZNLsOFSKN
Retweeted by Owen BarderThis Friday in London, Beata Javorcik will explain how exporting firms are closing the gender #wagegap. Register: http://t.co/JZJ8MEmAI5
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@martinscott2010 @socialmedia4D I am not denying they are real. Just wondering if anyone has evidence.This is what happens when women who live in the world's poorest places gain access to $1 family planning. http://t.co/atDzWyZQaz
Retweeted by Owen Barder@martinscott2010 that would be great. Any evidence on the harm (not just annoyance) caused by ignorant media portrayal? / @socialmedia4D@owenbarder @viewfromthecave check out the work by @martinscott2010 !!!
Retweeted by Owen Barder@benphillips76 The "Pontifical Academy of Sciences"? Seriously?The data revolution at 15,000 feet - by @AttfieldIan from @DFID_UK https://t.co/f1J5M37PdeWhen does foreign aid work, and when doesn't it? A CGD policy paper by @andypsumner and @jonathanglennie http://t.co/lyi2fEwbP0Seven of the 30 largest corporations in US paid more to their CEOs than they did in taxes, study finds http://t.co/85Dj3TIcqY via @guardian
Retweeted by Owen Barder40 full days of negotiation on #SDGs planned before July, in 7 x 4.5 day meetings: http://t.co/cG7n4AME2s! OWG report as main basis. Golly.
Retweeted by Owen BarderThe cost of offshore tax avoidance, FT Alphaville http://t.co/kW0zBmH6rT reporting work by @gabriel_zucman (who talked recently at @CGDev@BoringDev You are very kind, but all my ideas are filched too.@lauriejlee what's happened to your bike?Ending the exaggeration of aid. Good @owenbarder and Stephan Klasen on what DAC debate is all about. @CGDev http://t.co/luiqo8JdOT
Retweeted by Owen Barder@jamesjwan @owenbarder @TalesFromthHood I tried to explain my reasoning behind disliking Band Aid in this post http://t.co/etEbgnkxMb
Retweeted by Owen BarderGet the DATA, Get the DATA, Get the DATA, I get it. By @chris_whong @BetaNYC https://t.co/EEL8hfgnVv http://t.co/Y1nLz4OW0B
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IMF's Lagarde: Starting Jan 1, 2015, the fund will offer all its data to the public for free: http://t.co/4vkMbFym07 http://t.co/6MievFCtw8
Retweeted by Owen BarderDeworming worked spectacularly in Kenya -- does that evidence justify scale-up in India? http://t.co/9nolDUefCC
Retweeted by Owen Barder@zannatweets very interesting development, alongside Apple no longer having the encryption keys for user data.@dfid_innovation Corporate innovation labs? Isn't that an oxymoron?End to end encryption now default in What'sApp. Interesting that it is now perceived to be a competitive advantage. http://t.co/NhpkM7cgZ6This essay by @rottenindenmark on the promise & limits of aid (echoing some of @owenbarder's views) is very good. http://t.co/GUUGpXT4pZ
Retweeted by Owen Barder@texasinafrica I am sorry to see you repeat the baseless allegation that Band Aid money was diverted for guns. See http://t.co/hWDlgtFblL"Africa is the continent of missing data." Why this matters for the world's health and development: http://t.co/qXHb8vslyF #bigdata
Retweeted by Owen BarderThe #OpenContracting Data Standard has launched @ http://t.co/u76XhpwB27 ! @birdsarah @timdavies it looks fantastic! http://t.co/A6S8W9jW18
Retweeted by Owen BarderThough much of my timeline is about her, I still have no idea who Myleen Klass is. Should I?"Beyond Aid" in 4 dimensions: actors, finance, regulation and knowledge. (pdf) http://t.co/9aNTye5bta"Stop Trying to Save the World - Big ideas are destroying international development" says Michael Hobbes in @tnr http://t.co/ll0DMFemZACGD Europe Research Seminar in London: Globalization: A Woman’s Best Friend? Exporters and the Gender Wage Gap http://t.co/wUcXvg7c4O@GuardianGDP Also "Famine Crimes: Politics & the Disaster Relief Industry in Africa" by Alex de Waal http://t.co/3iiX79Exyj #foodsecurity@GuardianGDP "Poverty and Famines" is an important book. http://t.co/WaHMDhwPHz #foodsecurity
.@Morris_ScottA praises #G20's #development working group for planting seeds for better #infrastructure investment: http://t.co/ytfbdKZ30S
Retweeted by Owen Barder@owenbarder Said's 'Orientalism' describes inaccurate and prejudiced discourses created by media representations of Asia. It's not benign.
Retweeted by Owen Barder@SamRosmarin What about Dimbleby? Is he also to blame for this reputation because of his reports on the 1970s famine?@TalesFromthHood @susiesymes1 @zararah I agree: that's the right mode to be in. Somewhat nuanced and evidence led.@SamRosmarin Indeed: hard to quantify. But it would be good to have a sense of whether there really is harm to set against the positives.@SamRosmarin Agreed. I'm just trying to understand whether anyone has actually tried to do that weighing up.@susiesymes1 I guess Band Aid can point to some specific successes - including lives saved.@susiesymes1 @TalesFromthHood @zararah Right - we need evidence of benefit too. But I think that is easier to find than evidence of harm.@TalesFromthHood Do you think that Band Aid has literally done no good? Have they saved a single life?@owenbarder @zararah annoying? For sure. Harmful? Hard to say conclusively. Helpful? Maybe that's the place to start... #BandAid30
Retweeted by Owen Barder@zararah @TalesFromthHood My question was whether there is evidence that it is harmful, not whether there is evidence that it is annoying.@texasinafrica @TalesFromthHood I agree with the point about transparency, obv.@TalesFromthHood Well I guess I think there should be a little more burden of proof on the Geldof-haters.@texasinafrica @dadakim I thought that was a brilliant blog post. Thanks for writing it.@owenbarder @dadakim & I link to studies of how negative perceptions of African immigrants play out here: http://t.co/imsZDvKlkJ
Retweeted by Owen Barder@seenfromafar thanks.@PhilipTreeAid Thanks. I haven't read that: I'll take a look.@viewfromthecave Right. You'd need more than this to hang your hat on if you wanted to say (e.g.) that Band Aid does more harm than good.@viewfromthecave Yes. Seems wholly evidence-free, right?Has anyone catalogued evidence of how media representations of Africa actually do harm (as opposed to just being annoying)?@mhellowe @yates_rob We also have a right to food, water and shelter, but I don't think Rob argues they should be free at the point of use?@yates_rob But lots of things have positive externalities? Should they all be provided free at the point of use?@yates_rob Is there a rationale for these differences?@yates_rob So, my question again. (Seriously asking, not making rhetorical point). Where, conceptually, do you draw the line?@yates_rob does your view that good things should be free apply to everything? Water? Food? Soap? Internet? Where/why do you draw the line?Cost of providing contraception to 215m people: $3.6bn a year. Benefits: Roughly $145 billion a year. t http://t.co/IrWJF1nwSFIf expected costs of risky loans are counted as ODA, then it is double counting to include the costs of debt relief. http://t.co/k2ZSQ41ROW
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