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I have a lovely wife and 6 amazing dogs. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The NY Islanders, rational thought and vegan food.

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@matt_cooper67 Nah. The good money is on the Rangers this playoff. Solid team.There is not a team so far in these NHL playoffs I have watched who have their act together like the Rangers.McDavids thoughts on playing for the Oilers http://t.co/OGUzT3s2gY
Retweeted by Paul Ryan"Can I please be drafted by the 1983-84 Oilers instead?" - McDavidThe Oilers are bad at hockey but very, very, very good at this.
Retweeted by Paul RyanHe looks about as happy as I would if I just found out I was going to Edmonton.Happy Mondays = Happy Mondays Joy Division = Unhappy Everydaysthis is how the NHL store is keeping their doors open right now, not sure why I was surprised http://t.co/trvlwr1BbO
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@EPBryn I love pheasants. My favourite thing that was new to us when we moved just out of the city years ago. Beautiful creatures.If ever there was a record that sounds exactly like the album cover appears, it would be Closer by Joy Division. http://t.co/9zDyCo1kaZCall the cops http://t.co/LSTasphG4XI'm playing a few songs at Cd Heaven in Dartmouth at 1:30 and Taz in Halifax at 3pm today for RSD. Come on by and pick up the new vinyl!
Retweeted by Paul RyanLast #RSD tweet. Found at @BlackBuffaloLPs - original UK gatefold Factory Records pressing of Still by Joy Division. http://t.co/5XgNBW5DRNHalifax's @SelectSounds @BlackBuffaloLPs @TazRecords & @obsolete_record are cool stores. Let's make sure we support them all year long. #RSDPicked up 25th anniversary edition of Pills 'N Thrills and Bellyaches by Happy Mondays on yellow vinyl #RSD #RSD2015 http://t.co/D4MbkTbLyVHey there record shoppers. There is no shame is grabbing a shower before you head out to be around other humans in small stores today #RSD@entrevestor @AllanGates1 I wish either of you lads were my dad.@AllanGates1 You're a good father Gates.For me Record Store Day is never about the new releases. It's about celebrating the local stores and hanging out with people who love music.Getting shafted from #RSD releases will not stop us from celebrating #vinyl and #vinylculture today! Viva Vinyl!
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
#ISLES GOAL!!! @BookerT2116 gets it back and the Islanders are up 3-1!!!
Retweeted by Paul Ryan#LetsGoIslanders@CH_iFairclough yeah except for the arsehole who bumped his head@tjcb1420 It can't get any worseMy favourite part in the new Star Wars trailer is it almost looks like the Stormtroopers may actually have improved their shooting skills.@meganfluevog ExactlyNew algorithm coming - The judgement day is soon upon the Google land, are you ready for April 21? | Time + Space | http://t.co/pS2ioTDGThGiorgio Moroder details first album in 30 years, premieres "Déjà Vu" featuring Sia -- listen http://t.co/A3UdTj3uCq via @coslivePeople who skim online articles are just as cultured as book snobs http://t.co/JJxtYQ5QBf@OceanOptometry Just saw a lad wearing a pair with a suit. Wanted to drive him to your store for something streamlined and dress appropriateGreat for the front nine or short stop. If you're wearing them with a suit or a blazer, you are trying to make me cry http://t.co/skbUv51J7C@ChrisFHFX I know exactly where that is. So murdery.
Listen to @WildBeasts' unreleased track "Woebegone Wanderers II" http://t.co/mEeTHdhbBF http://t.co/jzu694eHEU
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@SWMGroup Nah, loafers/slipons are cool with that look.@rick_guardian Love the suit. Love the shoes. Just not together ;) @NatalieBorden1@NatalieBorden1 Owns Duggers. Sharp dressed cat. Lots of sharp dressed dudes wear slip-ons with a suit. It's still wrong ;) @rick_guardian@WayneCarterRad Can't play this now, but I will :)@peopleofhalifax I found it to be a real slow grow, but worth it once I warmed up to it.Henrik = King@Nicki_Doyle Ha, all fair.@Nicki_Doyle @peopleofhalifax I'll stop now ;)@Nicki_Doyle @peopleofhalifax O Shudder by Dutch Uncles is my favourite so far this year. Love the albums by Ghost Culture and Black Rivers.@peopleofhalifax Was listening to the latest Susanne Sundfor album earlier and Lease Of Life by Errors.@EPBryn Ha. Yeah, tough time of year on the internet if you're not a fan, that's for sure.TEN MINUTES. AFTER EVERY LIGHTNING STORM THERE IS A MOTHER FUCKING RAINBOW AND WE OWN THOSE http://t.co/jo0G1qh2jQ
Retweeted by Paul RyanDoes not care about playoff hockey http://t.co/frV30kmdAw@DecrepitSteve Yeah she's always been a joke.This Black Sabbath drama is sort of hillarious - Bill Ward Will Not Play With Black Sabbath Until Ozzy Apologizes http://t.co/05Q4XjMZ1w@gwenboudreau I wish I could watch every game every night :)Nice suit Strombo. Too bad about not wearing lace-ups. Slip-on or buckled shoes with suit and tie is bush league.Just as well Subban didn't get extra games. In the event Ottawa upsets Montreal, the last thing Habs nation needs is a tailor made excuse.It appears series 3 of Peaky Blinders is filming and Tom Hardy is back as Alfie Solomons. Yes! https://t.co/PEuAa6FJV3Mad respect to Chewie's beard effort. http://t.co/AuYgYr9swY
Retweeted by Paul RyanNHL gets exactly what it wants in Montreal-Ottawa series – a gong show | The Hockey News: http://t.co/3qyk23aw28Steve Albini takes aim at Tidal - Uncut http://t.co/Es6KGn4q53 via @uncutmagazineGawker's video strategy: short, casual and 'bullshit-free' http://t.co/ttIP617dha
Retweeted by Paul RyanThis symbol means high five, right? #NationalHighFiveDay http://t.co/hLbfHtdyTd
Retweeted by Paul RyanSo basically in 1978, I predicted four of the teams that would be in the @NHL playoffs in 2015. Say word. #tbt http://t.co/QsEnHr4K2X@grantisagrant "My name's Paul and I'm here to say, Mumford & Sons are fucking terrible. The end."Yeah this doesn't sound like a disaster - Marcus Mumford working on hip-hop project with Kanye West producer 88 Keys http://t.co/C2ZA4aOF3uBoth amazing bands - Peter Hook on Joy Division Versus Bauhaus: “They Were a Bit Gothy Glam” http://t.co/BkwflcbNTI via @miaminewtimesPro Football Hall Of Fame Removes Aaron Hernandez’s Gun http://t.co/KLs8pktlK5 via @TheOnionJust eating all the raisins that didn't quite make it over the fence for the birds http://t.co/SY2X5xBB4i@WayneCarterRad Behaviour is my fave too. Just haven't quite got there yet today ;) I think Actually gets a slight nod for me as well.@WayneCarterRad It's been a Pet Shop Boys morning so far. Which do you prefer, Please or Actually? Bearing in mind they're both wonderful.
@tealuke I'm actually pretty happy this all happened because now I know there's a vegan wrestler who likes dogs and inspires Islanders fans.@tealuke Haha, I'm about one more wrestling tweet away from being well out of my depth here mate.@tealuke That's awesome. He seems to have that little guy with lots of of heart thing that Chris Benoit had.Let the late nights and early mornings begin. #GoFlamesGo@tealuke That's cool. Not sure I knew that's where it came from.@tealuke I had to google that, but I like where your head is on this mate.Good stuff boys. #GoIsles #YesYesYesMark Stone on his way to the dressing room. http://t.co/KtJSQOYg53
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@tealuke That would be great. It would be good for the NHL too. I honestly think the good money is on the Rangers this playoff.@grantisagrant @LousyRock It really is a changing of the guard type year.@Highly_Touted Yeah, fair.@tealuke I actually don't think I know any Capitals fans which sort of makes this series less fun, win or lose.@Highly_Touted Pretty weird, but sadly not entirely surprising either@grantisagrant @LousyRock Well apparently my team are huge underdogs all of a sudden. Fair enough. We can work with that.@tealuke I also know how much hockey you watch ;)@tealuke What does that have to do with all the Stone chirp? He didn't take a bad penalty or make a bad call.@grantisagrant If Gallagher had taken the slash and come back, everyone would be calling him a warriorChirping Stone, one of the best players on the ice, because Subban made a classically bad choice, means you probably don't watch much hockeyNot sure why so many people don't think the Islanders can win this series. Way more heart and depth than the Caps. Two great periods so far.@Hooberbloob @halflockofoppo @humpguinnacho We also had Bros first in the 80s http://t.co/vk0BVX4F9QHERE WE GO!!! The #StanleyCup Playoffs are underway! #Isles #ThisIsTheTime
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@LTDesroches Back atcha mate#LetsGoIslandersNetflix's New Blind Superhero Is Better Dressed than You http://t.co/xs314Yd2YQ via @gqmagazineThis guy made an album out of people trying instruments at a guitar store http://t.co/DciGa8odGMWhat Not To Do While Sitting in The Barber's Chair http://t.co/rxVrcQsNHB via @EsquiremagSo, that's happening. 49,000 lbs of malt on the wall.... @unfilteredbrews #madeincanada #nscraftbeer #drinklocal http://t.co/WEvjUZd89o
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@gregpoirier Until now I had done pretty well with forgetting them. Thanks dude.One Company’s New Minimum Wage: $70,000 a Year https://t.co/aisbATAKIADad Rock podcast looks back at R.E.M. - The I.R.S. Years http://t.co/VnF7Rkdark via @usatodayPearl Jam and their fans bought a new home for Andrew Wood's mother http://t.co/57NGmDTwby via @alexyoung@SmoggyRandall @DarrinSearancke #NewZealandTime"I kept getting your voice mail, so I ended up having to send you an email" #touchdownOur BOD election voting has begun! From April 13-17, visit one of our locations to vote. Meet the 5 candidates here: http://t.co/FAD3xEH6hD
Retweeted by Paul RyanI know a girl called Elsa. She's into Alka-Seltzer.
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