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I have a lovely wife and 6 amazing dogs. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The NY Islanders, rational thought and vegan food.

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Avoiding Popular Songs Somehow Accomplishment For Local Man http://t.co/DY4imidUWO via @TheOnionThe top 20 record stores in Toronto by neighbourhood http://t.co/QQE6hc1Xtm via @blogtoWilco cancel show due to "religious freedom" law - Uncut http://t.co/ffJ6RFhJ5J via @uncutmagazine@AllanGates1 such a great cover@HalifaxTech it's not awful. To be fair I'm not the best gauge these days for Death Cab. I still really just prefer their first 3-4 albums.Show me show me show me how you do that trick.Morning! We are ✨giving✨ away some rad stuff on our Insta. Go follow us to enter! http://t.co/ZgQBRBBhA8 #contest http://t.co/DWclKLUamu
Retweeted by Paul RyanListened to the new Death Cab earlier. We have the facts and we are voting, no.
@Webconomist A couple friends put me onto them two years ago. Solid young band. Back catalogue is worth checking too.@Webconomist Yeah that's definitely post punk influenced by the masters. Glad you dig it.Currently losing my mind over these two fantastic new songs by Ceremony, in this one great video. https://t.co/b6EUcG3u2vIf you're a comedian and your profile pic = you speaking into a handheld mic, then well done, your brand is firing on all cylinders
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@PotassiumBoron No kidding! They're on point every year, but I really like their squad this year. Maybe they'll end up playing the Isles ;)@PotassiumBoron I think I like Anaheim for it this year. Lots of guns and so steady.THN’s prediction: Tampa Bay Lightning will win the Stanley Cup | The Hockey News http://t.co/BpNo31EO11Watch Hall and Oates Tear Through 'Private Eyes' Live in Ireland http://t.co/C3CkZroIKF via @rollingstoneHow to make the Blu-ray relevant again https://t.co/MxTJiN8hn5Turning up the Heat: Taking a look at the NHL’s top performers since the All-Star break | The Hockey News: http://t.co/x1Dzoxqnhi7 Signs of a Great Tailor http://t.co/AvyADE6smp via @EsquiremagThe long obituary for the compact disc http://t.co/VGRpHe9nSC“Prepare Your Coffin” by @TRTS is my new jam. Listen: http://t.co/pOqYGtZ18L
@MalcolmHfx As a hockey fan first and foremost, I am most comfortable when Detroit is in the playoffs.#ISLES WIN!!! The Islanders take the season series from Detroit with a 5-4 victory at the Coliseum! #YesYesYes http://t.co/836BsCymfD
Retweeted by Paul RyanWith his second hit today, @MattyMarts17 now has 375 and has broken the NHL record set in 2011-12 by...@MattyMarts17. #Isles
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@MalcolmHfx Not watching the game but keeping tabs. Isles have been struggling last 10. Wings could still pull this one.Red Wings goal. The #Isles allow a power-play goal for the first time in March. 5-4 Islanders.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@cmandrecyk @aldelory I also can't help but think all of a sudden that these chickpea cutlets I'm making will lack for zest.@cmandrecyk @aldelory I had a feeling the Hungarians would never understate their paprika. Not their style.@cmandrecyk @aldelory I will say, it really makes me want to try Hungarian paprika.I hate pretentious recipes that call for unnecessary ingredients. I'm certain regular old paprika will work as well as "Hungarian paprika"Play James Murphy (@lcdsoundsystem) new score for @WhileWereYoung - http://t.co/NqCjUdlQCN #SoundtrackSunday
Retweeted by Paul RyanWe're ahead of the curve for a change! "Vinyl’s comeback powered by second-hand records." http://t.co/pmxAERlVhW
Retweeted by Paul RyanVatican reeling as DNA tests show communion wafers contain 0% Christ http://t.co/MuqXlVBEF6@huskermould @BlackBuffaloLPs Again?"@DepressedDarth: World's safest car http://t.co/W7TgQJsJp7" @shutthekellup @MundaneTragedy @springbearddaz OMG! I'm getting one! 😄 xx
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@monochromegod I have a quota of one nice thing I can say about U2 each year. That tweet used it up. Also it really is a high end sleeve.U2 may represent everything wrong about music, but The Unforgettable Fire is still a quality record. http://t.co/hlO10WZ00U@jerryleewilson Yeah I think so. He got twangier over the years. Good stuff just lest my thing. His debut, Jesus of Cool sounds really cool.@jerryleewilson Yeah. He's always been a bit of a blind spot for me. Just getting caught up now. Great songwriter.Spent a fun hour yesterday at @BlackBuffaloLPs scanning crates, chatting music with @huskermould and found a classic http://t.co/S9EnWAr6DXThis is a perfect afternoon for digging through crates at @BlackBuffaloLPs. Open 12-4!
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@craignoble001 I actually use Discogs. Pretty cool too.Decided it was finally time to organize the hundreds of records I had spread around the house into one spot. #vinyl http://t.co/RLQ6UaxwMb
@skivels Ha. I think I remember that bit.@m_brand @grantisagrant it's kind of always been almost like that thoughActually surprised it took this long for them to consolidate Future Shop into the Best Buy brand.
Duran Duran's New Album is Due For Release in September http://t.co/RlxjPFeb44 via @pitchfork@OceanOptometry Eventually every day should include some Smiths.@OceanOptometry OMD. Very nice. It's been that kind of week. Yesterday was a combination of Dead or Alive and Scritti Politti.Double-Breasted: The Look That's Only Getting Bigger http://t.co/9oBDtwEMqkStarted the day listening to Howard Jones, now thanks to the Teletubbies I'm playing Joy Division, who sound decidedly very not Howard Jones@TheSandyWalsh Well it is warming up slightly out there, so…Black and white Teletubbies mashed with Joy Division is the best thing I've seen on the internet this year. https://t.co/s5H71NwMkGWhen Friday finally arrives... http://t.co/mxbIQcgqcm
Retweeted by Paul RyanHalifax rolling out energy-efficient vending machines, serving healthy local options. http://t.co/Ibey7uLO2t http://t.co/O8r9BqeGQL
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
Dean Smith left $200 in his will for every player who ever played for him—told them to enjoy one more meal on him http://t.co/IDgd3FNvrd
Retweeted by Paul RyanDutch Uncles are quickly becoming my second favourite band on the planet behind Wild Beasts.Have not seen Horrible Bosses 2, but apparently it is introducing people to the song "No Matter What" by Bad Finger, and that's great news.Vikings Is Coming Back For Season 4 http://t.co/6odips8o1sCrime and Punishment: ‘The Americans’ Soars in Its Brutal Third Season http://t.co/F0ojRcK4Sy@ChrisFHFX Yeah no question. I'm a huge fan of pus...whoa, hold on there, my bad.@fasterbonniekat Pretty much exactly like that. Right down to the detail of waking up with someone's junk in my face most mornings.Jay Z’s streaming service isn’t for everybody (i.e. the poors) http://t.co/ztVoIOgnmR via @TheAVClubSwedish pop music continues to outclass North American pop, exponentially - Tove Lo on Letterman http://t.co/G91BN9AsNm via @bestfitmusicMorrissey lyrics as motivational posters. So great. http://t.co/UWLerdhU6f@AllanGates1 Maybe give my tailor a heads up as well. This winter has put a real beating on my wardrobe.@AllanGates1 Actually we're getting a bunch of rain later so stay tuned@Jdanielledoiron I hate her so muchWhat kind of snow is this? All fluffy, non-threatening and temporary. Weak Mother Nature. So weak.RT @RiffRaff41: The Teletubbies are fucking terrifying in black and white. http://t.co/fll5uIJBg1
Retweeted by Paul Ryan"I do maintain that if your hair is wrong, your entire life is wrong" http://t.co/GJbQfSMCC8
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
READ: Pat LaFontaine returned to Nassau Coliseum to be honored by the #Isles on Tuesday --> http://t.co/kh6RF2AjQy http://t.co/wwxeD2E9YG
Retweeted by Paul Ryan⭐︎ @Johnny_Marr having a bit of fun before the show. 30 mins to go now! Gonna be a good one :-) http://t.co/0TXW0lJrxC
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@AtomBombshell I think we could have a lot of fun with that. Deal. And because it's you, I'll only charge half my standard rate.19 times Charlie Brown perfectly described snobby record collectors http://t.co/qwqvoAsH7b@WeDigRecords Gotta go with Cabaret. Both brilliant though.Pick one: Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing or Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret #SoftCell #Records #recordstoreday http://t.co/NwQpqEGvm5
Retweeted by Paul RyanLots of fun stuff happening here! If you haven't already, head over to the Daryl's House Club Restaurant, Bar and... http://t.co/rL4rZzEf0c
Retweeted by Paul RyanThis story about a lost record collection will make every music nerd weep http://t.co/FxVZ8DYLpx@k4rv0x Agree he always walked the line on this style of pop. Think he tipped a bit too far from the alterna side into the too shiny side ;)@k4rv0x I'm warming up to it. Still his weakest effort to date imo. Too much of it reminds me of bad mainstream shitty radio pop, but better@christinacopp Sadly I wasn't able to make it, but the V-mac (vegan big mac) at @enviehalifax looks delicious and is getting raves reviews.@sambonie Ha, sad but true.@sambonie No idea. I would like to hope not, but something tells me they do.The old arsehole from that duck show is running his mouth about rational thought and morality. Just a quick reminder http://t.co/3LVcm5mc6P@Hooberbloob @WilliamCMurray You shouldn't just be able to drop a legit tree in wherever the hell you want. It's not natural to be that good@WilliamCMurray Absolutely the most amazing hair.@WilliamCMurray Indeed. He seemed like the most kind and relaxed human of all time. It was relaxing to watch him paint."We'll make a little winter scene and all of this can be shadows. So it really doesn't matter where you put this, just have fun" - Bob RossJust in time for the Home Show, @BBBAtlantic has a handy project checklist for you to track info from vendors: http://t.co/a7Brpaqjfu
Retweeted by Paul RyanMeet the 5 nominees for our 2015 Board of Directors election! http://t.co/AH3D9TrLzO
Retweeted by Paul Ryanok peeps, my fav dish ever! The"MEDITERRANEAN Bowl" on sale! It is by far, hands down, the BEST creation of health and taste EVER! %15 OFF
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
Playoff style game, and #Isles are looking the part. Was not the case the past few weeks.
Retweeted by Paul RyanHere's Why You Shouldn't Keep Coffee In The Freezer http://t.co/8F8i6h9jIv via @HuffPostTasteIconic 'Decline of Western Civilization' Films Finally Get Official Release http://t.co/irKkCu9lg0 via @rollingstone5 Behind-The-Scenes Stories You've Never Heard About 'The Wire' http://t.co/o4MHPsuuj4 via @HuffPostEnt@DarrinSearancke you heard the new Blancmange album yet? You should ;)Really quite enjoying the new @_blancmange_ album. Very energized record from these Brit electronic vets. Cool stuff.Do you understand the real value of your tweets beyond just clicks? http://t.co/m2wHpYfOdY http://t.co/cte4p73KaW
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@matthaldane Love that Black Rivers album, and I adore Doves, especially their first 2-3 albums.
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