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Lol. From Adobe's website: "Layout and design remain fixed no matter the screen size." #featurenotabug@shribr @geoffreyfowler Case in point: Windows supports "native HTML5 apps". But Chrome doesn't need to support Windows apps. +1 for Chrome.@shribr @geoffreyfowler I'm more interested in #Chrome (the browser) and #Android than in ChromeOS. It's all about where applications run.@bdeeter All good technology will be used for bad things. Nukes… drones… artificial intelligence… animated GIFs. Sigh.@smistephen We know the OS is irrelevant on PCs. Not true for mobile, but it will be. So homogenizing the OS across devices = more agility.$MSFT's vision for the integration of smartphone, tablet and PC is correct. But it feels like $GOOG is closer to doing it right, for now.@skonnard You can't move us over, but you can definitely have some of our capital. We have way too much anyway.
Difficult to give Mr. Obama much credit for his stance on #MarriageEquality. He's a turncoat; courts did all the work http://t.co/bvu3UsWanq
People forget that leadership is to management what kicking is to soccer. It is a higher accolade to be a great manager: it implies results.@bznotes Yeah, @elonmusk is doin' the Twitters right. Even his follow list has a sense of humor.When your spouse is also at work at 9:30 pm and replies to your tweet about being at work with the suggestion to go home… #MarriageEqualityWhen you are at your desk working away and you suddenly realize it became 9:30 pm… good or bad?Chinese food fail. @michaelbauer1 lambastes Crystal Jade in SF. Sadly, he was right. We were very disappointed. http://t.co/x5pKdYt0kA@bradneuberg I think @voxdotcom swerves from clickbait to in-depth coverage. It's too bad, because I'm increasingly reluctant to click.@destraynor At least, I'm 90% sure that's right.@destraynor We should talk about startups in terms of "expected value" instead of "odds of failure." More interesting and more informative.@pmarca I wasn’t alive in ’79, but given that I was born in early ’80, I'm pretty sure my parents were enjoying themselves.@craigbuj Stretch that graph out to 2020 for me, would you please?2/2 Larry Summers, love him or hate him, always argues with data. http://t.co/pXD2xZfl9k1/2 "With a 1979 income distribution, the bottom 80% of the pop'n would have $1T—or $11k/family—more. Top 1% $1 trillion—or $750k—less." Wow$FB is as much a "social network company" as $IBM is a "computer hardware company." Yet those are what Google search returns as descriptors.@gigaom 10 times what?@ed_lea Einstein forgot how much context was often needed in brain of the listener as a prerequisite to explaining something simply.The difference between a software application and a #robot is that the latter acts directly on physical, rather than virtual, variables.Loving your job is overrated, but caring about what you do matters. Good short read from @jasonfried: https://t.co/tMCCMFy0Rq
#BMW Active Cruise Control will maintain speeds automatically in traffic… up to 210 km/h. Ha… let's try that on 101!Canadian passport under black light Dear rest of world step your game up http://t.co/f0EhaXzi5W
Retweeted by Matt MacInnishttp://t.co/Pvxn8O9mUK still exists!"Do Obama's [tax] proposals have any chance of happening? No. None whatsoever." http://t.co/3y7Lx5AHXuThe declining lethality of heart disease, cancer, & stroke (USA, last 50 years) http://t.co/5srxKTziOd http://t.co/maTdNJfVbJ
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Only @nprnews tweeted of "tax changes" and not "tax hikes" or "tax cuts" today. Bravo. POTUS is doing both and opinions will differ. Widely.@genechansf Why? Are you learning Sinhala?
It's gonna be a great weekend. http://t.co/hLXAh3PDZBAndroid phone makes odd twiddle sound all the time. Never figured it out. Then noticed it near my wallet. Wow: NFC alert from Clipper card!Businesses using @Inkling can now push content to mobile devices privately without the need for an app. Hotness... http://t.co/sN2fQoJfoMOH btw waitstaff at the W Hotel in SF this am: “Well, I'm not removing it from his bill, because he's not going to tip me anyway.” #service!@derekkinsman We're hiring a lot of creative talent at @Inkling. Our software is cool, our people are even cooler. :) Happy to connect peepsClose, but no cigar. This time. https://t.co/JowUE6a1D7
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@josiah10000 You think? I mean, do you really think Tinder could really handle 20x the users per square mile? (Alt: Grindr.)@josiah10000 earth have no moar water/food/etc, u need moar ppl to consume more stuff or else collapse, collapse bad, uh oh! (Better? :))Much of society's infrastructure depends on steady population growth. Yet we're already beyond earth's theoretical capacity to sustain us.S&P 500 vs. Crude since the March 2009 low: S&P: +191% Crude: +1.5% Were neck and neck until Sept 2013... http://t.co/WDXyG9EA34
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis@_sunilrawat I can see a logic for both predictions. But I'm a business guy; not as brilliant as economists at predicting the future. ;-)@_sunilrawat Would it not be logical that, if you think you can predict a black swan, it's by definition not a black swan? (cc @nntaleb)@_sunilrawat No, but it quite literally means that they'll theoretically charge you to leave your money on deposit with them.Our cartoonists respond, with their pencils, to the #CharlieHebdo attack: http://t.co/Kbqkut0wrq http://t.co/DVNuVZTmMr
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisAn Open Letter To Everyone Tricked Into Fearing Artificial Intelligence http://t.co/wACC2JDL8F
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisEnjoying reading @nntaleb's tweets. It's like having a smart professor on autoplay. Er, I guess that's what it *actually* is… but still…@m2jr I felt the same way about The Interview.In 2009, a billboard in Odessa, Ukraine crashed in the fog, making it look like the sky was showing an error message. http://t.co/nSp9lm2cxx
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis@ndrwhr "Quantum Easing" would be *way* cooler than quantitative! Maybe we'd notice where else in the multiverse we are right now… and now…@m2jr Ha. I loved the Grand Budapest Hotel!@pdacosta @pmarca The uncap decision is a quintessential Black Swan of @nntalebUncapping of the Swiss Franc shows the long term unpredictable effects of drastic manipulations of interest rates and "quantitative easing."Currency exchange rates are like a taut mesh of elastic strings. When an inelastic string in the mesh suddenly gives, everything wobbles…Wow. Swiss Franc was cut loose vs Euro. Regulators knew the increasingly impossible feat of maintaining their cap… http://t.co/I90Fa1junFTwo reasons it still sucks to be gay in america: 1. http://t.co/dfQXh7W8JA 2. http://t.co/hYIrhrTRT8 #gay + #religion
@pmarca Can you nudge the wonderful people at @soylent and ask them to ship my order? I'm starving over here, and all I have to eat is food.
Boeing/Airbus sales powered by cheap money and expensive fuel. Up next? Cheap fuel and expensive money. Ruh roh. http://t.co/5IqUVXh1m32/ "Our main task is to find the victims," said the head of the national search and rescue agency. (re: Air Asia flight)1/ The Indonesian navy's admiral says, "we have completed searching for the main things that we have been looking for." But…Per the Pew study, the only congressperson brave enough to say she's religiously unaffiliated is @kyrstensinema. #atheism20% of Americans are religiously "unaffiliated," versus only 0.2% of congress. 0.2% is one person. http://t.co/7BEBJUHMPDIn my job as a CEO, I have learned that, to succeed, I can give only a few fucks here and there. http://t.co/WPxF8LMjRh via @brianmirving@danrosenheck Wow! Didn't know it was you, D.R.! Such anonymity at The Economist. ;-) Love it…A fascinating Economist post on the spectacularly bad PR decisions of a giant airline, and the power of public data. http://t.co/wukNELQQSA
I am so moved by the strength and good humor of the response to the #ParisAttacks. The next cover of the magazine is perfect! #JeSuisCharlie@realmistergray I'm also seeing a 500 on #DropBox right now. Bummer!@bradneuberg @schwa Publicly shamed for not replying to emails. Tsk tsk.
Spruce served me foie gras tonight and it was awesome.
Elvis Presley would have turned 80 years old today if he were alive, which he is.
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisThe @Inkling team consumed 14,976 cans of Talking Rain sparkling water in 2014. (And yet the board keeps asking about a liquidity event.)
@stanine e.g., no part of the word Connecticut sounds like either "connect" or "cut."British people have a hard time pronouncing "Connecticut" correctly.People who commute on roller blades.
I cliffed! Stoked on my @getClever jacket. Thanks @bosmeny, Dan, Raf, and team. And congrats on a fantastic 2014! http://t.co/OgRpS497Xx
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisA teenager's view on social media, written by an actual teen. (Apparently, I should get Yik Yak.) https://t.co/WE95Ihjd9l@mlz OH MY GODYay! I love eating goose liver, sorry universe. http://t.co/jHHDPVqWmxMy right hand has never touched my right elbow. Drives me crazy!This is a Charlie Hebdo cover. It's a Muslim & cartoonist making out & it says "Love is stronger than hate." http://t.co/ero3NO3wNl
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis@schwa Ha. You should auto-forward it to your http://t.co/Q9hzpofIY3 address for extra street cred!In email addresses, http://t.co/TVu63K5p2l is the new http://t.co/beKk0tp3e3. (http://t.co/1WelsnNeIi addresses are still the worst.) taint!
Now fish are sold by the hashtag!? What is the world coming to... http://t.co/qZJMYNOZbL2/ And some kickass interns are joining @inkling, too: @YaoXiao4 @shahmeernavid @rk2wong @HuruliS @BrandonHops @kathleenchung1/ Welcoming 14 new team members to @inkling today! Among them: @AGMartell @olliekhakwani @rayluongHow is it that the interns keep getting younger and younger?
Just completed a 29 hour journey from rural Sri Lanka to the Mission District, in total comfort. The world feels so deceptively small.
I'm watching "The Interview" and it's the worst movie I have ever seen, hands down. Worst. Movie. Ever.
Consumer banking is under attack by startups. (slide credit @tomloverro) http://t.co/0xpAm1F7SO
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@pmarca And to think we've reduced that entire paragraph to one word: "disrupted."@smistephen This may inadvertently reveal something peculiar about your Christmas gift giving tastes... ;-)@arhomberg I'm not planning to attend #DBW15 this year, but a few @inkling staffers will be there.Google gives insights into the four major religions... h/t @TorstenBeeck http://t.co/uZuQpP6a6m
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis"Malcolm Gladwell faces new charges of using others' information without attribution." @ksjtracker https://t.co/Em2DuIeCJn
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Every time I go on Reddit, I'm like, oh, wow, these people…@craigmod Thank you for reminding me of MUDs.@benhuh apparently the series number matters :)OH: "I spent a summer selling alarm systems in Detroit. I didn't do so great, so I knew I wasn't a salesperson."I can't figure out how much this is worth. http://t.co/zW1r5H41sm
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