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Is there any reason to use the word "Abort" in a UI instead of just "Cancel"? Other than making it scary for a user?Lately, New York Times push notifications have essentially become “the ISIS hourly bulletin.”
Traffic in parts of SF are approaching Manhattan levels of insanity.
@benioff That's a real nail-biter. I wonder which one will win?It is now fully ambiguous whether tapping an image in a responsive mobile site will activate the link or activate a mouseover. #webdesign
@hocking5 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser keeps the rubber on Converse shoes (and other kicks) clean. :) It's my secret tool.@stevesi Fascinating primarily because it was solving a real problem. Looks dumb, but… it probably kinda worked.@javahound I can't wait until I can just THINK of paying someone, and SHAZAM! the money is gone from my account. That'll be awesome.A lot of cool things are gonna happen when my smart watch supports NFC.
Shout out to everyone on the east coast making Global Warming jokes. http://t.co/J6S8x7tHaD
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisWhen a company spams their entire list about an updated website (who cares?) with a broken link…and then emails everyone again to apologize.
@andreakuszewski Link to the original GIF!@schwa Hmm. Looks like you're in a pickle there.
7/7 Jun 30, 1975, Businessweek writes: "Undoubtedly it will be Xerox and IBM that will find the way.” Microsoft was founded 85 days prior.6/7 Executives like the idea of dictating directly to their secretaries for status reasons.5/7 "There's speculation that word processing will be bigger than data processing in 10 years," says the president of Royal Typewriter Co.4/7 But can desk-top terminals be made “friendly” enough so that executives will use them? [Unsolved issue in 2015!]3/7 How will we get to the office of the future when so many co’s still struggle…with the 1st generation of standalone editing typewriters?2/7 There will be a TV-display terminal with keyboard…“I'll be able to call up documents from my files on the screen by pressing a button.”1/7 Six fun and thought-provoking quotes from this 1975 Businessweek article titled, “The Office of the Future”: http://t.co/JG8YV6ct56My desk monkey. Neither I nor software are eating him. @sleinadsanoj :) http://t.co/5OW5Y5BdOdGood exercise, @sleinadsanoj. I just scanned my desk and @Inkling is eating half of it; the other half I'm eating myself. Except the monkey.@sleinadsanoj Yeah, true. Capitalism does a good job of helping software optimize its diet!If software is eating the world, then why is there so much junk on my desk? Hurry up already.@semil Canada's healthcare system is overwhelmed; wait times for MRIs are as long as three months in some provinces. :( Firsthand experience@nedrockson Yeah, you end up accepting or rejecting @linkedin invitations by accident. Whoops. Of course, no sense of how to undo.UI elements with buttons should literally *never* move. @LinkedIn does this all over the place, e.g., rejecting an invite in a dropdown.
@semil You can buy a billboard on 101 for $40k a month. Some are more, some are a bit less. But the CPM is surprisingly low.Watching a rocket launch live… from the rocket… over the internet… is such a profound delight. Humans are awesome. Go @elonmusk and #SpaceX!
Jon Stewart is just mocking Brian Williams! Best prank ever.Jon Stewart is leaving the #DailyShow. The end of an era!
@gigaom Your headline was not "clothing-specific." It was misogynistic. You should fix the slug to better hide the embarrassment.@jeffcdi Come visit us at @Inkling! We have decent coffee and (almost) no PDFs.I didn't know you could stream Netflix at 9600 baud. https://t.co/A5LtxjyYMjThis Wednesday, @Covidien joins @Inkling for an #ATD webcast on empowering sales teams with engaging mobile content. https://t.co/TE75dyx1YR
@jbaksht Ha, right! @Adobe reader needs to be updated to v23. Right now. Now. Nowwwww.PDF will go the way of Flash. The multi-headed HTML/JavaScript/CSS beast will have eaten both. Good for humans.@joshuaforman You picked quite a year to return to Boston. On the bright side, you're no longer the whitest thing in Boston! ;-)@karlthefog Yeah, it blows.
Ha: Single men claim to average 29 condom uses/year, more than the total number of condoms sold annually in the USA. http://t.co/Q24XujqWLC
@shervin @johnolilly Now we know why Twitter had disappointing user numbers. Problem solved! ;-)@johnolilly WaaS: Weed as a Service. (“My WaaS metrics are off the charts!”)@pickover The rate of change between 1979 and 2014 was far slower than it's likely to be from 2015 to 2045. So, yeah… hilarious photos 4sureFirst computer I ever worked with was a TRS-80.
@jeffpash @xbtbtc Yeah, I saw it in #urbandictionary, which is always reliable. I guess UD is the true Wikipedia of dictionaries…How is "janky" not in the dictionary?Example of content that has traditionally been PDF: @Inkling's brand guidelines are built and managed in Inkling. https://t.co/QCq4gMaPJb@vmocherla @reidhoffman Wasn't an oversight; it just shows that an entrepreneur's view of competition is myopic at any single point in time.Funny… @LinkedIn's 2004 Series B pitch was missing a key "social networking" player at the time. http://t.co/yJk8YZfnrI@jeremybronson, I lost all respect for you in college, but now that you're hanging out with @mindykaling… omg. melty.Am I the only guy who finds 'y' as a response to be ambiguous between "yes" and "why?" Or should I just always assume it's "yes"?3/ Looks like 2031 will be a good year for founders of web based calendar startups...
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis2/ 1999 Headline: "Microsoft Acquires Leading Web-Based Calendar Company Jump Networks" http://t.co/ubuuba1O4l
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis1/ 2015 Headline: "@Microsoft Acquires Calendar App @Sunrise For North Of $100 Million"
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis
This week, @inkling eliminated PDF as a format for all of our content marketing. Now we use… Inkling. :^) Example: http://t.co/Qm1T4F5BwV6/6 “Whole product” companies graze on a diet of value from an assortment of ostensible, but oblivious, competitors. Burp!5/6 What was a strength (multipurpose tool) becomes a weakness (non-specialized tool) for the incumbent.4/6 If a product (e.g., Excel) is general purpose, it will be replaced by many different products, ~1 per major use case (i.e., value chain)3/6 @Anaplan is a fun example. It slices a "business planning" use case across Excel, SAP, Outlook, and others.2/6 As @Cdixon points out, they are neither “tech stacks” nor point solutions. http://t.co/eFUBnFimw21/6 “Whole product” companies integrate long, thin value chains that traverse many tech stacks.
Missy stole control of the ball.YES.
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisDid someone spike my beer with acid? WHAT IS GOING ON!!?A lot of toilets are flushing right now.The Times describes Obama's budget as "thicker than a phone book." A what?
I went to Singapore, and now @TripAdvisor keeps emailing me "this week's reviews from Singapore." Uh, I dun care.New @MixmaxHQ hotness: Embed an SMS contact form inside your email. Now, folks can respond to you via a text message. http://t.co/RYObGOJHuk
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisThe world of #edtech is on par with gov't and VCs for putting people on stage to predict the future, but who do almost nothing themselves.we're on the hunt for a stellar product designer @inkling. DM me https://t.co/zRSa7SY1nY
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis
@pmarca Computers don't kill people. Computers who drive cars kill people.@m2jr No kidding. Armchair quarterbacks, even professional ones, work from a tiny set of adjectives: {killing it, failing}. Irrational.Saw a job posting seeking an "out-of-the-box thinker." I think they meant "outside the box." Everyone thinks, right out of the box…The U.S. homeownership rate hits 20-year low--right where it was before the big housing push http://t.co/Ss0p3292Kp http://t.co/OEivUkUV9j
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisEditing a Google Doc on your sofa while others also have it open… it feels a bit like letting others see inside your brain.Ton of @Uber cars nearby and I'm feeling lazy. But surge is 2x. So I'm taking BART. I'm sure all those idle drivers would be thrilled.
@davealevine I just bought some soda water, and I'm feeling good about it.When you ask your staff member for help with a board presentation, and he replies, "NMP." #teamwork #winning @pcho
I guess $AAPL is too big to fail, too?My new @readpico conversation w/ @stanine about books, @tesla & @Inkling http://t.co/tYzR2jYcB2 #longreads #reads http://t.co/yQbFOWwGlU
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5,200 flights canceled in the northeast so far. Good luck, friends! http://t.co/MzosW2l9qh
Lol. From Adobe's website: "Layout and design remain fixed no matter the screen size." #featurenotabug@shribr @geoffreyfowler Case in point: Windows supports "native HTML5 apps". But Chrome doesn't need to support Windows apps. +1 for Chrome.@shribr @geoffreyfowler I'm more interested in #Chrome (the browser) and #Android than in ChromeOS. It's all about where applications run.@bdeeter All good technology will be used for bad things. Nukes… drones… artificial intelligence… animated GIFs. Sigh.@smistephen We know the OS is irrelevant on PCs. Not true for mobile, but it will be. So homogenizing the OS across devices = more agility.$MSFT's vision for the integration of smartphone, tablet and PC is correct. But it feels like $GOOG is closer to doing it right, for now.@skonnard You can't move us over, but you can definitely have some of our capital. We have way too much anyway.
Difficult to give Mr. Obama much credit for his stance on #MarriageEquality. He's a turncoat; courts did all the work http://t.co/bvu3UsWanq
People forget that leadership is to management what kicking is to soccer. It is a higher accolade to be a great manager: it implies results.@bznotes Yeah, @elonmusk is doin' the Twitters right. Even his follow list has a sense of humor.When your spouse is also at work at 9:30 pm and replies to your tweet about being at work with the suggestion to go home… #MarriageEqualityWhen you are at your desk working away and you suddenly realize it became 9:30 pm… good or bad?Chinese food fail. @michaelbauer1 lambastes Crystal Jade in SF. Sadly, he was right. We were very disappointed. http://t.co/x5pKdYt0kA@bradneuberg I think @voxdotcom swerves from clickbait to in-depth coverage. It's too bad, because I'm increasingly reluctant to click.@destraynor At least, I'm 90% sure that's right.@destraynor We should talk about startups in terms of "expected value" instead of "odds of failure." More interesting and more informative.@pmarca I wasn’t alive in ’79, but given that I was born in early ’80, I'm pretty sure my parents were enjoying themselves.@craigbuj Stretch that graph out to 2020 for me, would you please?2/2 Larry Summers, love him or hate him, always argues with data. http://t.co/pXD2xZfl9k
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