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@conorsen well his week will only get better at least he won't get redemption requests on ThursdayCLR capex budget http://t.co/XWZ0KYLkBk via @CollinEatonHC@Ana1Sima weather has been kinda lousy of late but its nice today and plenty of sun on tap next few days just a little cool@Ana1Sima Bocce awaits I am hand cutting the grass like its a green at Augusta http://t.co/AOpvaGu6bE@conorsen @Nebrewska Big Ten basketball looks bad will be long season plus no April drama with Kentucky killin it@modestproposal1 @TheStalwart maybe she topticked WWE after her husband insisted on taking down a position. But then a real takedown hit@fundmyfund show me the money http://t.co/pav2OliKxi
Jeff Vinik unveils billion dollar vision for downtown Tampa http://t.co/4Mf5k23t4j@DavidSchawel Silicon Valley Bank’s deposits grow 55% on tide of venture, IPO boom http://t.co/SFXuNmP0Yz@BrattleStCap but last month or 2 has stolen some potential. Thinkin SFM valuation maybe needs to marinate with some sideways action tho@BrattleStCap SFM short interest down a bit which might be slightly bearish new numbers out in a few days. Though group set 4 decent 2015@BrattleStCap that Longbow call on SFM cud not break the $29.60 secondary print and group still crowded as ever imo http://t.co/IYmIIFtLda@Dutch_Book Lasry is wading in http://t.co/4ZZjueSbpH
@maoxian Calzone Country. How much did that thing weigh?@Jesse_Livermore she got mauled back then@chessNwine this looks cool was first guy to get drones out on Gettysburg battlefields http://t.co/vxRqrN6iDSFinal word from WETF crew - was ex-div day Friday but flows unrelated - they rebalance funds in Dec and in/out flows were related to that@BarbarianCap was thinking USD has cost them a bit this year too, had high hopes but was truly annus horribilis 4 them@BarbarianCap MFLDX up 19 bps last week that is mutual fund story of the year. Have not heard of any/many outliers to the upside this year@Nonrelatedsense I guess was reversal of previous day so maybe difference was dividends? net should be negative tho? http://t.co/qqRXzvMjTq@BarbarianCap have not paid much attention to Berko in 2 years seems like his press coverage died down. Hussy outflows been torrent thoWETF outflows were not outflows - ETFs went ex-dividend. whew!@buckdeerstocks4 I smell a FinkEquity Market Holiday Schedule http://t.co/AbqhGFGp6Ibut...somebody pulled $1.6 billion out of their domestic ETFs yesterday http://t.co/obDudIiaORWETF inflows YTD http://t.co/mvIksyO3aT@twcarey yes u cover this well. Just not seeing the point of RH, yet. Maybe I am thick but the Hungarian is few steps ahead of those kids@twcarey IBKR has nice enough mobile app https://t.co/k3wr8lmsVr charges 163 bps on first 100k in margin and this http://t.co/hStpRrDH5wSmall Cap Growth YTD Category Avg +186 bps@LangReynolds I don't want to alarm you but that fund is down 666 bps YTD per Mstar http://t.co/TE9fkJwjYD@prchovanec @TheStalwart Michigan was the inverse ETF state to TX with Black Tag People http://t.co/sOfOvkoHz5
Moar Put Spreading and Bear Shitting on Options Action. Just like last week. Lather rinse repeat@DavidSchawel if you live to 95 you don't really need to compound at more than 4% to get rich http://t.co/R5xO2wexaf@conorsen he's gonna have to dig deep in his bag of tricks@Bankrchick are you dumping Erik cuz he is only 5'9? http://t.co/FLXp0KVMH3@conorsen Hussy's week ended pretty much like Jax's on Sons of Anarchy https://t.co/Qv35kffWL3 bug on the windshield@ukarlewitz net equity issuance was a wind to our back pre 2013 when it was big % of Wilshire 5000 market cap w/ a moribund deal calendar@BrattleStCap 15 points ago it was that it had no snob appeal as a Prime Broker@iandominguez RobinHood promoters act like the Hungarian has never hugged a MillennialHope somebody feasted on that F downgrade. Seems like sellside got trigger happy for a few days with autos and moreLevering up a long in IBKR at Interactive Brokers via their ultra low margin rates beats trying to buy RobinHood shares on SharespostMerry Christmas back atcha Choom GangNow that Obama has opined on energy only person we have not heard from on topic this week is crazy ass Matt Simmons via a seance@buckdeerstocks4 @JacobWolinsky skeptics took a beatdown on their VWAP http://t.co/rMbxgsZ628 now lets see what GS et all can get goingHEDJ tops $5 billion in AUM http://t.co/5DCf6pVHsI currency hedged intl ETFs are only place to be lately@m_udland I am long anything with EAGLE in the name. Except AEO of course@Nonrelatedsense starting to think so, or at least take it more seriously.@montoyan data licensing is growing faster but what percentage of TWTR revenue was mobile advertising last quarter?If GOOG is sucking wind cuz of FB does that increase probability they go after TWTR maybe use 40% cash to limit EPS dilution? or crazy talk?@gbdavis1 @hmeisler @zhascoe Triple Bagel!@hmeisler pretty sure @zhascoe could double bagel that guy@conorsen IBKR and VOYA pretty much on schedule for my year end Derby need a little follow thru@JeffCNYC there were redemptions close to these levels but they were more ETF hot money than mutual funds http://t.co/sCtIVmXJ1S
U.S.based stock fund outflows hit $17.9 billion in wk ended 12/17 http://t.co/AeZsynz73u ha ha - equity mutual funds lose $13.3B, ETFs $4.6@naufalsanaullah need to do some work, still not there ie no positions but wanna catch demographic angle - and b last guy in b4 ITB ramp lol@Yaneznaiu yes, 50x number turned my head but seems Mstar data is more reflective of preferences, still large gap however.US investors favor international equities over domestic, pouring far more money into intl vs domestic in 2014 http://t.co/0B6niK8EfG oops@naufalsanaullah well at least we are working hard! crazy year at least the brokers are winning as we overtrade it all@LangReynolds they sold stocks...on monday i think, to buy bonds http://t.co/rIQ24Z89mz@michaelsantoli @modestproposal1 @conorsen I blame Christine Benz at Morningstar for some of it they rode him like he was a golden goose@modestproposal1 @michaelsantoli @conorsen from March 2008 u can't make this stuff up http://t.co/DU9UFb1SdOHard to see any seasonality left to exploit outside of topping off your Strategic Liquor Reserve@conorsen AUM well under $900 million now was $997 million early November. Fat Lady to perform at his Holiday Party@BrattleStCap kundalini orgasmic spasm@buckdeerstocks4 @Nebrewska he landed punches@azdeandobbs was just talking to someone who paid $1500 for a Dalmatian - was same guy who tried to sell us a $4000 Koi. He is swimming in $@azdeandobbs that dog of a chart needs a rescue@pcdunham ugly. got that new low printed on WNR@pcdunham WNR fights off new low, barely, any opinion on a refiner here? seems tricky long and not for me@BobBrinker that was the funniest thing to pop up here this week, beats all these animals drawn on charts and evergreen Gartman jokes@BobBrinker bot a little OCN here what is Klarman's twitter handle? Einhorn too busy playing solitaire in empty office to tweet about CONNwhere are the value guys on OCN and CONN today you love hair and plenty of hair on these 2@alsabogal I thought we were playing u gotta game the Dec 23rd lockupTWTR move to $35 completed the downward dog panting tongue formation https://t.co/hd2Q7fJd7k turning slightly bikram for shortsIf it was really 1998 traders would be wearing Coogi sweaterslost a bet that @ReformedBroker would show up today wearing a Coogi sweater@SBarlow_ROB lol do u have one version of obituaries for commodity traders and just fill in the blank with name each time next guy shutters?@dailydirtnap looks like they are doing a sequel http://t.co/I0bxEBhNcL@dailydirtnap I liked Contact. How did you rate Prometheus?
CME feeder cattle contract goes locked limit down 5 days in a row http://t.co/DoXMkMUz4G cheaper beef, gas, cuban cigars pinch me its heavenSources: #Michigan has made another run at Jim Harbaugh after he initially rebuffed the school. U-M has made an offer of 6 years, $48M. Wow.
Retweeted by StockJockey@MattGoldstein26 the Selfie-industrial complex cares, and they would never stand for it http://t.co/H5TH1XEV46@chessNwine our spin class instructor from MAC gym wud pick off some songs from Elephunk but I am def stuck in 1977 Billboard list lol@chessNwine if you play this song backward the Cuban trade will reveal itself https://t.co/kMvD4qc3yp
@Dutch_Book @montoyan King Street will somehow make a fortune here that much might be true@Dutch_Book @montoyan First! ?? https://t.co/u0HDpjBQxP@IvanTheK I guess creatine imports were on the list of sanctions@IvanTheK thinner than Putin's arms? lol thx for doing that http://t.co/iWDeWnB3DMSen. Carl Levin introduces bill seeking 2crack down on trading on inside information in physical commodities http://t.co/vUJX9igN04 uh...wtfJana pockets $230 million profit on PETM http://t.co/ZB3Ispwu75 BOOM! - that is $158 million more than those teenagers@m_wII its been ugly for sure.Oil prices are now unsustainably low: Kemp http://t.co/e8Rs1MrgeK Plains Marketing offering $39.69 per barrel for Williston Basin Sweet@conorsen also in 1998 NY Magazine was credibleThis week in 1998 Celine Dion & R Kelly combine for #1 single "I'm Your Angel https://t.co/Fq1wzFLN31 so its not really like 1998 out there@IvanTheK @conorsen if nominated he will not run, if elected he will not serveJefferies to exit Commodities Business http://t.co/4aHFiKwvow Handler fumbles and pursues strategic alternatives@ReformedBroker @conorsen I just smashed a landline into bitty pieces after getting bad news just like I did in '98 http://t.co/NTNGPCaOClAnd you thought the Ukraine was weak RT @IvanTheK: @StockJockey http://t.co/2LasR4urQz
@IvanTheK Putin's head belongs on that body@gavparks Will services get hit harder than E&P? https://t.co/kiHrB3JLeT
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