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Babies' brains scanned to unlock stutter mystery. Don't miss @abcnews tonight. http://t.co/VnrSIVHFD3Enhance your mind and your career with postgraduate study. Apps close this Saturday, 31 January.Exceptions apply http://t.co/JsgDiFZewIBabies' brains scanned to unlock stutter mystery http://t.co/WY4jo4FGKU via @ABCNews
Retweeted by University of SydneyHumans & animals aren't so different when it comes to disease & diet. #Zoobiquity explores this commonality, 27 Feb. http://t.co/sr4ns1nPm9Well don @Mozziebites @ConversationEDU.@Sydney_Uni Expert available to comment on Sydney Siege coronial inquest: arrange via +61 481 012 600 #sydneysiege
Retweeted by University of SydneyRather cool to see Greece's new finance minister taught for 11 yrs @ my alma mater @Sydney_Uni & is a dual Oz-Greek citizen.Small world.
Retweeted by University of SydneyNew Dean for Nursing and Midwifery takes reins @Sydney_Uni http://t.co/Ku0YzuREG4 http://t.co/GFKqolu5jb
Retweeted by University of SydneyFinding time to get to @NicholsonMuseum @Sydney_Uni to check out #LEGO #Pompeii #legopompeii http://t.co/RCkRHJmTqo
Retweeted by University of SydneyCongrats to Cameron @Mozziebites Webb for 1m+ reads to latest article! Regular author since 2012. https://t.co/LhhqF3ZfOG (cc @Sydney_Uni)
Retweeted by University of SydneyHigher-density living can make us healthier but not on its own. Jennifer Kent in @ConversationEDU http://t.co/vJs3wUaFlA
Retweeted by University of SydneyWorld beaters! Congrats to Nick Chung & Edward Miller, 2015 World University Debating Champs. http://t.co/uqKcX8nazu http://t.co/6KRAfJQo8b
Yanis Varoufakis: from @Sydney_Uni economist to finance minister. Tony Aspromourgos in @ConversationEDU http://t.co/LmCO6mwcRl
Retweeted by University of SydneyProfessor Andrew McLachlan from the Faculty of Pharmacy addresses widely-believed myths about medications.http://t.co/E1SRCQ2Kwb
Retweeted by University of SydneyDiscover how to take your career further or in a new direction at @sydney_business Postgrad Info Session on 29 Jan. http://t.co/86KB1j4OeC
Discover how to take your career further or in a new direction at @sydney_business Postgrad Info Session on 29 Jan. http://t.co/86KB1j4OeCStudents and staff will hit the road to celebrate 50th anniversary of Freedom Rides. @guardian @SydneyUni_Media http://t.co/YgR5FWW5E3
#FreedomRiders are on their way http://t.co/fukspCrKtn @paulkelly @kyolblakeney @troycassardaley @Sydney_Uni #1965 http://t.co/EfIJZKtSXe
Retweeted by University of SydneyShould the public have a say in high-cost drug subsidies? @ConversationEDU http://t.co/yaCwjQ0gGr@SkyBlueArsenal congrats! See you on campus soon. #usydhereicomeI'm officially a nursing student! #usydhereicome
Retweeted by University of SydneyAwesome: "Lego Pompeii creates less pomp and more yay in the museum" http://t.co/yX3hVjyavh Nice work @Sydney_Uni
Retweeted by University of Sydney@georgtamm Congrats! See you on campus soon :)@georgia_411 congrats! See you on campus soon! #usydhereicome
Ann Wen on excitement, ATARS + starting her Arts/Law degree at #usyd in 2015 - tonight 6.30 @SBSNews. #usydhereicome http://t.co/FHHm4iZ5KZ@tanayanarbey that's absolutely wonderful! Hope you have some big celebrations planned. Enjoy and see you very soon! #usydhereicomeSeeing all the #usydhereicome and @Sydney_Uni tweets for Year 1 2015 students… brings back memories from last year! Such an amazing feeling.
Retweeted by University of Sydney@yasositaa @USydFHS congrats! See you on campus soon!With a liberal State of the Union agenda, Obama revives theme of hope.@pastpunditry @ConversationEDU @SydneyUni_Media http://t.co/q1jqOKIJBfQuestions? @SydUni_Helpdesk open today until 9pm, Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 10am-3pm. 1800 SYD UNI (793 864) #usydhereicome http://t.co/YPRGBRR9H3The University of Sydney will this year open its doors to more than 10,300 new undergraduate students! #usydhereicome http://t.co/0YVWgtxLb8@stiles_lust congrats! See you soon. #usydhereicomeCongrats to the new students accepted into @Sydney_Uni. Alumni Advice - You get out what you put in. #workhard #playhard #usydhereicome
Retweeted by University of SydneyThere are still limited late round places available in some of our courses. Check out the list here: #usyhereicome http://t.co/2trIPM26SSCongrats to all who've got #unioffers to #USyd and other NSW unis. Bring on 2015! MT @Sydney_Uni #usydhereicome https://t.co/NmpSb2uuaG
Retweeted by University of Sydney@Sidneiensis WOOHOO!!! Congrats. Hope you guys have some BIG plans to celebrate. #usydhereicome@tanayanarbey congrats! Looking forward to seeing you on campus soon. Glad the postcard worked its magic :) http://t.co/zrha7G4iYXActually can wait for S1 2015 to start at @Sydney_Uni #campuslife #loveit
Retweeted by University of Sydney@EaglezEaglez see you on campus soon! #usydhereicome@faraaz_96 congrats! See you soon #usydhereicome@salinaaalvaro congrats!! Looking forward to seeing you on campus soon! #usydhereicome@SkyBlueArsenal congrats!! See you on campus soon. #usydhereicomeSome of the kids I work with have made it to my alma mater @Sydney_Uni. I'm actually excited for all the fun and adventure ahead of them.
Retweeted by University of Sydney@cameronxhiggins congrats! See you soon.@VincentNewen congrats! See you soon. #usydhereicome@JoeKBennett congrats! See you soon.@mahvelous_ congrats! See you soon for O Week! http://t.co/d7hxYtZVsFMy profile picture totally represented my reaction. #usydhereicome
Retweeted by University of Sydney@matthewjones___ congrats! See you soon!Got my offer, see you in a few weeks @Sydney_Uni #usydhereicome
Retweeted by University of Sydney
Aw seeing all the excited tweets from those who got into @Sydney_Uni reminds me of how excited I was three years ago! #usydhereicome
Retweeted by University of SydneyCongrats to all who received offers to attend @Sydney_Uni! I know how excited you're feeling, and I look forward to seeing you at O-Week.
Retweeted by University of Sydney@cameronxhiggins congrats! See you soon!Uni offers are out! Congratulations to all of you joining us at the beautiful @Sydney_Uni this year! #usydhereicome http://t.co/6szzCXpgiF
Retweeted by University of SydneyI'm officially a @Sydney_Uni Student!!! 🎉🎊🎉🎊😁😁
Retweeted by University of SydneyCouldn't be happier to accept the offer ... Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Economics at @Sydney_Uni http://t.co/fh5UuGLpjg #usydhereicome
Retweeted by University of SydneyOfficially a student @Sydney_Uni! Beyond excited.. Blue tacking the postcard of usyd to my study wall throughout the HSC did wonders. 😍
Retweeted by University of SydneyYay got into USYD!!! #usydhereicome
Retweeted by University of Sydney@Sidneiensis we're looking forward to #regramming :)@Sidneiensis yay! We've put together some of our fave insta pics from students :)Main Round offers are out! Are you joining us in 2015? Here's a taste of what's to come. #usydhereicome https://t.co/kvaD1AzfDv@CN2theBLUE congrats! See you next year! #usydhereicome@cathylondos congrats! #usydhereicome@_gziing congrats!!!! #usydhereicome@nuraayx congrats!!! #usydhereicome@cameronxhiggins We hope you can too! Good luck for 6pm!Main Round offers tonight 6pm. Got questions? HSC Helpline open 9am - 9pm + extended hours all week. #usydhereicome http://t.co/Npov1iRXBWStudents and staff are working with @cityofsydney to make homes for marine life.They've already found 28 new species! http://t.co/kzAb24I2AFDiscover @sydney_business MBA + hear from Google, McKinsey & Co and THE ICONIC on 22 January. http://t.co/oBHjZntHTN
Koori centre & centre for cultural competence refurb progresses. Ready for new Koori students in March. http://t.co/0l2Nhbjq8C
Retweeted by University of SydneyWhy cracking a coldie on Australia Day could make you a mozzie magnet. @Mozziebites @dailytelegraph http://t.co/xLyATFGIPRWarm welcome to Australian interns from @Sydney_Uni, gaining great work experience at the Embassy @adelinalee http://t.co/xiVGMChCK3
Retweeted by University of Sydney
HSC Helpline open 9am 9pm Wed + Thurs, 9am-7pm Fri and 10am-3pm Sat. Call 1800 SYD UNI (1800 793 864). #usydhereicome http://t.co/qrxVsOJcikDiscover @sydney_business MBA + hear from Google, McKinsey & Co and THE ICONIC on 22 January. http://t.co/oBHjZntHTN
Rappers, guitarists and indie musicians are liking the sound of a new degree that's set to rock The Con in 2015. http://t.co/tBF9EosLDXSome of the best music comes from France (i.e. #Camille) - #SoFrenchySoChic is @Sydney_Uni tmrw @sydney_festival http://t.co/Gs28QzwLkB
Retweeted by University of SydneyEnd of a long week and they're graduating!! Go BB Music!! #musos #WMBB2015 #bb sydney_uni http://t.co/F2QTc1mGby
Retweeted by University of SydneyLast day!!! #WMBB2015 sydney_uni http://t.co/5wJwkLOqar
Retweeted by University of Sydney
Milking the market: are you pouring additives on your cereal? http://t.co/xC6jsmXWGx #nutrition #research http://t.co/PFqWmkisYU
Retweeted by University of SydneyThanks so much to the absolutely mozzierrific @mozziebites for all the background on the impending mozzie plague http://t.co/med9uuVbzz
Retweeted by University of Sydney
Why you need to speak up in meetings more in 2015 http://t.co/4rSQJFAPP1 #undefined via @DailyLifeAU
Retweeted by University of SydneyThe sky's the limit for @Sydney_Uni #IAESS students, touring a @Qantas A380 & learning about aeronautical engineering http://t.co/OtqJD9dP17
Retweeted by University of Sydney@SimonChapman6 on 'why I block Trolls on Twitter.' http://t.co/9fl5qirieMMore history on the block: Lego Pompeii comes to @NicholsonMuseum http://t.co/udVNwEbaoq via @elissablake @smh
Retweeted by University of SydneyWhat you need to know about $20 GP fee taking effect from next week. @SydneyUni_Media http://t.co/H6Tpr2AeKC
DNA session #wmbb2015 #wingaramura #bungabarrabage #summerprogram2015 #SydneyUni #naturalscience #biology http://t.co/ejOcZQn5LQ
Retweeted by University of SydneyDoes @JuliaGillard's experience inspire women to enter #auspol or not? http://t.co/fXPhovyBdd http://t.co/vNZRBQDtsi
Retweeted by University of SydneyGot a cool #reptile? Enter at https://t.co/LNDbYJ5eOq #competition #pets @Sydney_Uni http://t.co/ET87mzQty6
Retweeted by University of Sydney
Lab tours and microscope fun sydney_uni sydneycompass #sciencestuff #sciencefun #geography #geologyhttp://t.co/mresrQCSX8
Retweeted by University of SydneyYear 11 and 12 students at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music #wmbb2015 #musos http://t.co/w7mBcYWAlq
Retweeted by University of SydneyA large international study conclusively shows statin treatment reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in women. http://t.co/aLlEXipuW2
Unsure how to spend tomorrow afternoon? The Macleay Museum is open (12-4pm), air-conditioned and free. @Sydney_Uni http://t.co/do6AjDiIft
Retweeted by University of Sydney@SeymourSydney is home to a heap of #SydFestival fun - incl tonight's first Courtyard Session! http://t.co/fEaKJLXJoA http://t.co/oBvujlyLg6"The tradition of cartoonist and satire is as old as the French revolution," -Charlotte Epstein http://t.co/2IpCc8K4CX #CharlieHebdo
Retweeted by University of Sydney
New research looks at how fast food brands influence young people on social media http://t.co/BZSbnEr9mm http://t.co/YskrCwIsYJ@arumanis51 Welcome Arum - great photo!
Well this is awesome. The stunning new LEGO Pompeii will be unveiled @NicholsonMuseum this sat http://t.co/HmMROiy35l http://t.co/hcyyme4a76Great profile of E12 scholars & twins Jennifer and Jason Zada in @smh today http://t.co/JAlem15m5m via @AmyMcNeilage http://t.co/pxQdQQ0uHO
Retweeted by University of SydneyDerek Muller (@veritasium) was a definite fan favourite at Info Day yesterday! @Eng_IT_Sydney http://t.co/NOxAANiMmg
Thanks for visiting us. Don't forget to check out some of our favourite pics! http://t.co/7dupnDdVkK #usydhereicome http://t.co/rrF3WGui70
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