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Eva C Scanlan @ThatEvaOne NYC via Ireland.

Dubliner in New York. Theatre & Events Producer: @terranovaNYC, Darling & Company, #24HrDub @abbeytheatre. All controversial/hilarious views my own.

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Car insurance cos requiring 2yrs residence/working in the State... what do you think we're DOING abroad? Actively *forgetting* how to drive?Every right-thinking person on @twitter should have @CoralieAlison's back right now. Twitter: WTF are you going to do about this shit?
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@AllianzIreland It's fine - spoke to an agent and you can't help me. So.@AllianzIreland Hi - would like to call re new car insurance quote, but end up with a nice lady telling me 'wrong number' in Spanish. Help?Donald Trump is a racist rapist
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanI'm late, but the #growingupcatholic is LOL-some. Lots of handholding during the Our Father, though? Not in Catholic Ireland, there wasn't.The thought of getting out of bed to hit the phone and get quoted €2k+ for car insurance all morning is decidedly unappealing. Ugh.
Guy sitting behind me on the bus has his face so close to the back of my seat I can see it in my peripheral vision. Also, has dog breath. :(My small dream is crushed. The plugs on @DublinCoach1 don't work. Oh well. *downs tools, plans luxury nap*1st trip with @DublinCoach1 - I have the perfect seat. Front row, passenger side, beside 2 plugs. This is the dream. (I have small dreams.)@ireland Even with the sneaky fingers covering half the screen? I am SHOCKED!@ireland Let's hope no one is checking their Twitter feed in the audience. How good is your Patti LuPone impression?[Steady drizzle falling from leaden sky] Auld fella 1: How are you enjoying the weather? Auld fella 2: Mighty. Auld fella 1: Tis. [Scene]
You know you're home when they leave the bottle of cordial on the bar and tell you to help yourself.Remember all the times I complained about the weather in New York? The sunshine? The warm breeze? The lack of constant, constant drizzle?
@TophHooperton Just to be clear, there are 5 (five) chips on that plate?@DropboxSupport Hi! How can I update my billing details? Error message: 'This billing country change isn’t supported'. Any ideas please?
@TophHooperton Only back in the city properly today. WiFi to be connected tmw - I'll catch you up. How's the beeb?Yo @TophHooperton - you need to come to Dublin for #TheDoggieDo on Sept 12 - a Mardi Gras for dogs! @lecooldublin
@GemCrad @killianmccrea That suggestive hand placement tho...@killianmccrea When our monkey/dolphin overlords finally take over, I'm totally ratting you out.'There are two animals I don't trust... dolphins and monkeys.' @killianmccrea is the new David Attenborough.In a SHOCKING turn of events, the quality of UPC's customer service hasn't changed in 4 years. Good to be home.
Stop everything and watch this. Jesusing Christ. fudge! @GemCrad @AODhubhshlaine @RoryOMurchu You're welcome, humanity! I presume there'll be some sort of parade or key-giving ceremony?@GemCrad @AODhubhshlaine @LisaGarvo @RoryOMurchu I know them well, don't worry. Vault that shit right back up again.@GemCrad @AODhubhshlaine @LisaGarvo @RoryOMurchu I was duck-facing before duck-facing was even a thing!@GemCrad @AODhubhshlaine @LisaGarvo @RoryOMurchu Ahehehehehhhh... Bad Gemma, there a vault rules... (But this was a good one!)Waking up at a respectable hour in my own bed, in my own home, for the first time in years. Yes.
@Simone1Kirby Or 34 year olds, either! I embraced my inner toddler this week. 😩@Simone1Kirby Ah. My condolences. I've just come from 5 days at Disneyland - home to the unhappiest, crankiest group of children in Europe.Paris Beauvais Airport must be the most soul-destroying place to work. The toilets, guys... I've never seen anything like it.@Simone1Kirby I can't quite convey my envy right now. I'm in Screaming Baby Central.@Simone1Kirby PEOPLE ARE THE WORST!Is it anti-social to want to wear earplugs and earphones around the clock?Spent €10 on a 24-hour WiFi pass like a goddamn Rockefeller.Paris Beauvais Airport... No snarky comments required. If you've been here, you know.
Did Rihanna ever get the few quid back she was owed?
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@kyleharry Oh? Shoot me an email if it looks important! :)@kyleharry oh, the little hoor!! She'll soon realise you're the one feeding her and she'll change her tune.@kyleharry How are you getting on at Chez Darling? Has Piri attacked you / molested your feet yet?
@LisaGarvo There'll be a stampede, sure. TSA won't know what to do with themselves.New York, you have 9 hours to change my mind! (Kidding, I'm outta here. But dramatic last-ditch outpourings are all part of leaving, right?)I love this tweet so much, I'm RTing again. Might be my favourite-favourite.
@HeadOverFeels Swoon!Who will tell the family on Russia's new Straight Pride flag that the boy on the right is gay?
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@AODhubhshlaine @massimodutti @Buseireann Oh no. :( This makes me very sad.I keep thinking @SkyNews022 is real; EVERY TIME my jaw drops & eyes widen, until I remember that I would never follow the *actual* Sky News.
@DulachG @Android I'm still getting up the courage to press the reset button. Backing up (Bwahh?) is key, apparently. But it should work!@DulachG I LOVE my LG G3, except when @android releases an update that kills battery and makes it glitchy as hell. Factory reset reqd. :(@DulachG Do you think! I had a Windows Lumia 7(?) and I found it to be the clunkiest piece of software I've ever used. Hated every minute!
I think your travel curse has moved on to me, @lostplum. I have displeased the gods, somehow.
@DeltaAssist I'm PRETTY sure you'd manage it if you really wanted to.Suggestion for @delta /other airlines. When your flights are delayed by over an hour, offer your passengers free WiFi. It's easy to be nice.The nerve of Greece, biting the hand that was repeatedly punching it in the throat.
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Nothing says 4th July like asparagus.@AODhubhshlaine @GemCrad @LisaGarvo Wow. I remember that evening. Chez Craddock?
@smokedsammon 'Youngsters' loses all meaning after the 10th time.@smokedsammon 'Is it true that deleted images can be found again?' (1:00) #AskingForAFriendDo you have... ... ... the wiffy code? Yah! I can't stop watching. That beat is spectacular.#WiffyCode is the new #SexualOrientation. Oh Ireland, you keep on giving.@Fishamble Not yet - final splurge: a trip to New Orleans. Currently in Atlanta - delayed by 90 mins. Home July 12!This is where I live tweet the dilemma of standing up / walking with pins & needles in my left leg.Departure Gate problems: sitting near outlet = charging batteries = MAJOR pins and needles in legs = can't stand up without falling over. :/Please retweet - You can watch my speech from the Seanad today about #LoneParents here:
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@AODhubhshlaine Is it like when a pigeon flies near you? Freeze, crouch, pull a squinty face, flap your hands...
@FlyFrontier Is it correct that it's cheaper to check a suitcase ($20) than to bring carry-on ($30) on a domestic flight?
Is Donald Trump's mouth upside down? Can someone photoshop it the other way round and let's see if that looks different / better?
Listen to the brilliant @LisaGarvo and @SharonMannion2 on @Davefanningshow. Funny ladies being funny.
Scotland created 49.8% of its electricity from renewables in 2014. Even better: the nation's goal is 100% by 2020!
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanSon respect the ocean, don't fear it. No reason to be afraid of things that can turn a whale carcass into bones before it reaches the floor.
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@TheBigEasyofOz @justabloodygame This is goddamn terrifying.People need to cool their jets with the hyperbole. Kayne played an 'earth shattering' set at Glastonbury? Uh-huh. Reel it in, hystericos.@TheBengsons I'm channelling my inner Dolly Parton via Abigail B with my listening choices this weekend. It's Too Late, etc! :)@DublinTown Way harsh, Tai.For the day that's in it, I wrote about the role of the arts in the lead-up to the referendum:
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanHappy Pride, everyone! Must be especially sweet in Ireland & America - 1st Pride post #MarriageEquality. #LoveIsLove
Oh btw America, your hashtag for tomorrow morning is #hungoverforequality. Ireland warmed it up for you.
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanAnd so, to bed. After a long, long, long, long, long ass day.@McMahonPhilly Maybe he's good at 23 carrots? It's good to know one's limits.What does it say about the field that Chris Christie seems the most likable Republican candidate? :/The pearl-clutchers who are outraged at #SCOTUS #MarriageEquaility would be the very ones nodding happily if it had gone the other way.@McMahonPhilly Did you see the Buzzfeed article where they're all 'I'm moving to Canada! Raaah!' - Canada legalised gay marriage in '05.Bloody Supreme Court stealing my thunder on my last day at work. Congratulations, America. You nailed it! :)
I'm going to spend my weekend listening to and singing along to @TheBengsons. It's gonna be that kind of weekend.Planning hols in New Orleans, Paris, and Scotland. ANY time that permanent, pensionable, soul-nourishing job wants to appear would be grand.
Not that I'd ever WANT a 5pm sharp clock-out, but that smacks of someone who HATES their job.Just got dinged by an 'office is now closed' message at 5.03pm makes me wonder if I'll ever have a job where I can (and will) leave at 5pm?@ImSomeDad These are the suddenly silent men on the issue of #repealthe8th?@AEO True that you're discontinuing the Hi-Rise Artist jean? Any plans to make something similar?To paraphrase Tina Fey, more grey-faced men with $2 haircuts.
@DarrenMcMahon54 @Oireachtas_RX Deadly buzz.(10000)@Oireachtas_RX @DarrenMcMahon54 Let me guess... Have those unwanted babies by any force necessary but then you're on your own?@ireland My teacher ONLY spoke to us as #Gaeilge, even outside class = fluent by the time I did LC, but I've lost most of it since. :(How are they STILL making Spiderman movies? What on earth is left to show? Spiderman moves to the country and gets a big dog?.@RonanMullen Given the shameful scaremongering that we endured during #marref you might reflect on your own tone & contribution to debates.
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Six tweets away from 10,000. That's... something.@Seamless Yep, did that. Auto-subscribing is a bad idea in general. It annoys people. Otherwise, thumbs up on the redesign.
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