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Eva C Scanlan @ThatEvaOne NYC via Ireland.

Dubliner in New York. Theatre & Events Producer: @terranovaNYC, Darling & Company, #24HrDub @abbeytheatre. All controversial/hilarious views my own.

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@TophHooperton Friends and dogs. I couldn't resist!@TophHooperton His legs flail about as if independent from his body! http://t.co/ebJKZelbzdOf all the things I hate doing, packing a suitcase is pretty close to the top of the list. In fact, right now, it IS at the top of the list.If you couldn't get a ticket to #24HRDUB but really want to support @dubyouththeatre you can donate from our site http://t.co/uraKCGPBrW TA!
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Saudi public executions so barbaric. They should execute people in private by injecting poison into their veins like civilized people.
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@OwensDamien I'm still chuckling at this, three hours later. Nicely crafted, sir.@enormous *meeting-in-the-flesh PINT!!! this weekend.@enormous You're a smasher! Lady, we are going to enjoy a very overdue meeting-in-the-flesh this weekend!@estheromd You are an unimpressed looking baby. 'This guy...'@tomcreed1980 This is the start of it now, Tom. Have a nice cup of Horlicks and take it handy for yourself.Great decision & moxie by the students of #ColaisteEoin who'll protest their school's backward, pro-bullying agenda. http://t.co/Ko3EMzXUQEHey, #ColaisteEoin, if you’re all that interested in balance, can I sit in on a religion class? I have a couple of points I’d like to raise.
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanLADS I’M SO FAAAAARKING EXCITED ABOUT GOING HOME TOMORROW. Ahem. #24HrDub @24HourPlaysDub It’s going to be a CRACKING week.@24HourPlaysDub How soon can we announce 2016? ;)[Eulogy] ‘He wasn’t rich. Or famous. He wasn’t witty or popular. Or fun to be with. I forget my point. Anyway, goodbye, Dave.’ ‘Dan.’ ‘Dan.’
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanStudents at Coláiste Eoin will protest tomorrow over the school's cancellation of a homophobic bullying workshop http://t.co/VssHnY2rks
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanI’m not saying ANYTHING about this weather that might anger the snow gods, but... we’re all thinking it, right?
@Qaoileann Totally! It’ll be a walk in the park. No pressure AT. ALL."Mixture of terror and exhilaration." Lisa Garvey, actor, talks about how she fulfilled a personal dream of… http://t.co/g4cAsosQso
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@Qaoileann Also, team effort, etc etc! :) [I kid - MAJOR team effort!!! ]@Qaoileann Why thank you!Ain’t that a beaut? #24HrDub is SOLD OUT. This makes me happy. And sleepy. But mainly happy. @24HourPlaysDub abú! http://t.co/t10oPqFa53
Frances McDormand is the greatest! #SAGAwards@LisaGarvo @24HourPlaysDub @PhilipForNow I like your optimism, Garvs. *Starts stretching*I don't want to alarm anyone (@24HourPlaysDub @PhilipForNow) but we maaay need a contingency plan for Wednesday. http://t.co/E1bBdJ8xLy"This. Is. Going. To. Rock." Ste Murray, actor, shares his feelings about taking part in The 24 HOUR PLAYS http://t.co/Qww7wOM2kC
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanMT @24HourPlaysDub: Tune in to @todayfmofficial to hear @McMahonPhilly talk about 4 years of #24HrDub at 35mins in http://t.co/yWgOenNOdYWhy can I never sleep? I should probably get off twotter and lie still for 5 minutes.@TophHooperton You're late to the party, Hoops. We've been watching that religiously in work for aaages.
@darraghdoyle I've chosen!@McMahonPhilly NOTIONS!This made me LAUGH. A robot made poetry through my Tweets. "The rescue" by Eva C Scanlan. #poetweet http://t.co/rIWOxeAana@McMahonPhilly So proud to say I've never set foot in the joint. Is it as bad as I think?@24HourPlaysDub @AODhubhshlaine SOLD. Don’t even need to see the research - I’ll take your word for it.Sure @24HourPlaysDub, don’t you know that @AODhubshlaine is only mad for the pizzas and donuts. These actors and their special requests!Fell into a pretty deep Facebook archive hole. Just crawling out in time to lie awake for 3 hours, then get up and do some work. G’night!
[on date] ME: So do you like knives? DATE: [explodes] [simulator shuts down, lights come on] SCIENTIST: [storms in] Stop. Mentioning. Knives
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanBeidh @AonghusOg McAnally ag plé #24HrDub in aid of @DubYouthTheatre beo ar Splanc @NewstalkFM ag 9.30pm anocht! Bígí ag éisteacht.
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@TophHooperton And throwing. Don't forget the throwing.@TophHooperton Criiiiickettttttquestionmaaaark????Imagine if Darren Wilson had faced as much scrutiny as Tom Brady over some fucking footballs.
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@McMahonPhilly NOW we're talking.Stop putting 'gate' at the end of every damn thing. Jesus Christgate. #DeflateGate#24HrDub vet @GylanDoburnCray wants to write a one-woman 8 Mile for @mumstrokesactor @24HourPlaysDub *drops mic* http://t.co/fINyY8rc4A
It has been decided: I won't be wearing heels to @24HourPlaysDub. The sesamoid has spoken. :( What goes with flats? http://t.co/lq3Eyhnw86Dude beside me on the train sneezed so loudly he made me jump. Also, he may have shat himself at the same time. #poopOh spam-caller from 'Windows Technical Support Global Technical Service' - you picked the wrong day to try to hustle me, Friendo.Our final line-up for #24hrDub! There are a handful of tix left for THE BEST LINE UP ON ANY IRISH STAGE IN 2015 http://t.co/bosdvisPPg
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@24HourPlaysDub @dramsoc @AODhubhshlaine @LisaGarvo @rorywnolan @flemfest2014 @murray_ste Memories, on the corners of my mind...There'll be a big @dramsoc LG1 reunion at @24HourPlaysDub this year: Me, @AODhubhshlaine @LisaGarvo @Rorywnolan @flemfest2014 & @murray_ste!
Bite off more than your can chew then CHEW IT.
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@24HourPlaysDub @flemfest2014 True story. If I don’t sleep, no one sleeps.@josefoshea #NeverForget@josefoshea You may have to pack away your Kangol cap too, Joe. #GoodTimes
What is the 21st Century version of mail merge? How do I STILL not know how to do these? #hivemind #mailmerge #theworst@McMahonPhilly Oooh Guuuuurl, you done it now!@PhilOpineZ @marriagequality Exactly. If I suddenly demanded a platform to speak against interracial marriage, I'd be shot! Rightly so, too!@marriagequality The donate link on your last coupla tweets is broken, it seems! Just a heads up, while the iron is hot! :)All these marriage inequality proponents keep saying that the original purpose of marriage was for children. I'm pretty sure it was property
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanThe need for 'balance' in a debate about equality is such HORSESHIT, I could scream. #CBLive Donated to @marriagequality instead. #MarRefGoogle+ are robo-calling businesses to get them to claim their Google+ account. You're grand, lads. We're all set.Poor ol' Deirdre. I can only say that name in a thick Manchester accent.@TheBengsons @SecondBolt @arsnova Yes - that's the one! GREAT song. I'm flying to Ireland for work on the 29th! BooHiss. Next time for SURE!@SecondBolt What was the name of the song that @TheBengsons performed? Total memory blank, but it was fierce!Lovely Miriam Lord piece on Leo Varadkar's interview yesterday morning http://t.co/InpKzAMRcl
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanBlue Monday? Huh. Hadn't noticed, because I'm in a scarily hyper-productive mood. (After a weekend that kicked my ass all over town.) GO!Oh hello, MONDAY. Ready to get your ass handed to you? Productivity set to 11.
The #sexualorientation tweets are killing me. I’ve said before: the Irish are world champs at perfectly observed Twitter snark.@MrShaneDelaney A bee-line to the kitchen??JUST realized I have the ingredients for pancakes in my kitchen. Just saying, is all.@LisaGarvo @AbbeyTheatre @24HourPlaysDub Don’t make me have to put someone on Garvo-watch to make sure you don’t bolt…! Cos I’ll do it!To celebrate the upcoming Superbowl, I will use the zero spare time I have between now and then to re-bingewatch #FridayNightLights.I've reached peak procrastination: willingly watching the last 30 mins of The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. Bonus: early Chris Pine.@darraghdoyle I like http://t.co/41kfKdyrlj. Not perfect, but good for categorizing different bits and bobs.How buffering works. http://t.co/vgvBUukEaK
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@LisaGarvo How are those nerves, Garvs?@MissKeelyD @McMahonPhilly In my head, she pronounces it 'sex-sssual' ala Jenna in 30 Rock.@McMahonPhilly Henry is too cool for school.Meanwhile, teachers can still be legally fired in this country for coming out.
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The fact that driving dreams are my go-to anxiety/life metaphor, this won't take too long to decipher. MY reaction in the dream though.. hm.JUST remembered a dream I had last night. Someone took the brakes out of my car as a joke and nearly killed us both. Much shouting.8pm is probably still too early to sleep if I got only 2 hours last night? I need to pack this day AWAY and start over.@Jim_Sheridan The GOOD kind of stoning, or…? :/@Jim_Sheridan Aside from 'Divorcee' and 'dressing like a prostitute', I'm 8 for 10! SCORE! What do I win?This time 2 wks, the clock will have started & we’ll be deep into the top-secret casting process for #24HrDub. It’s all GO @24HourPlaysDub!
Well @TheBengsons stole the show @JoesPub! Abigail is my spirit animal!@InHollywoodland Whaaaaat?@estheromd Ouch.@estheromd Nicely pun.The GoogleTranslate / Toilet Paper moment on the train made me grin like a loon for some reason. Good start to the day.Non-English speaking lady on the train using Google Translate to find the pronunciation for 'toilet paper'. At top volume, repeatedly.@louisemcsharry Loathe as I am to appreciate something the Mail publishes, this brought me joy this morning.@RMcGreevy1301 For the LOVE of JESUS. I'm so mortified to be Irish sometimes.@louisemcsharry Aaaabsolute LOLing on the bus.
Yo taxi driver, there is really no need to argue with me about where my subway stop is. Pretty sure I know where I'm going.I love that Cheryl Boone Isaacs is giggling her way through the #OscarNoms.'Dick Poop'. Teehee. #OscarNoms
The variety of stuff I'm filing in the #MANIFEST folder of my brain is outstanding. Some big plans in there. Some little ones. All possible.@AlKinger Has your account been hacked or something, Alan? #jealous.Why is @googlechrome so terrible at displaying @googlemaps? You'd think they have those kinks ironed out, yes?
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