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BWD @theonlyadult Probably not where I should be

I have zero patience for neanderthals and sometimes will RT their words of wisdom.

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The RJ PAC gave its entire front page to POTUS visit, with centerpiece of him and @Astrid_NV. http://t.co/t7WoUH1zM7
Retweeted by BWD@jaketapper @evanperez @Radlein well, it worked: she definitely *won't* be injured by an angry mob now...
Retweeted by BWD@PhonyScandal @jaketapper who are these animals you're talking about? Do tell.@jaketapper @owillis @evanperez thank you, Darwin.@TUSK81 I thought they meant David.GIF: Wesley Johnson destroys Danilo Gallinari with poster dunk http://t.co/2zTey2vt3u
Retweeted by BWD.@AlonPinkas why can't Eli lead???I can be a QB with this offensive line.#Benghazi aftermath. The #MSM creates the problem, inflames the problem created, does not cover aftermath. http://t.co/hzppGSUmGG
Retweeted by BWDLindsey Graham outraged that new Benghazi report shows how much of people’s time he’s wasted. http://t.co/4EJEnWYQoJ http://t.co/knc5kPlK29
Retweeted by BWDMike Brown will never get an interview. Darren Wilson made sure of that. @BWilliams @AC360 @CNNDonLemon @ScottPelley.
Retweeted by BWD@root_e @Chernynkaya @joshuadubois PBO decided not to play the day-to-day game. I get it, but it hurt him a lot.@root_e @Chernynkaya @joshuadubois Yes, but there must be ways to adjust, at least to a degree. They were always behind, for 6 years.WTF Eli Manning?The Benghazi coverup is so huge it has even ensnared those who made up the Benghazi scandal.
Retweeted by BWDRT @nytpolitics: Rand Paul Calls for a Formal Declaration of War Against ISIS http://t.co/PAhp0q4yir
Retweeted by BWDOy, Manning.Seriously with this shot of poor Turkeys????Whoa. RT @daringantt: Al Bello of Getty Images, take a bow. http://t.co/ASf4NfJnsN
Retweeted by BWD@CharlesMBlow nails it. http://t.co/1K5yDBE4Si http://t.co/lSX8weVORc@Chernynkaya @joshuadubois Hee. Exactly. What do we know.Krugman: "Demands that we cut government spending have cost millions of jobs & deeply damaged our infrastructure." http://t.co/i5hDT6odas
Retweeted by BWD@Chernynkaya @joshuadubois But at the end of the day, it's PBO's decision, and he chose these advisers. It is what it is.Israel's leftists: Exiled in their own country http://t.co/K84sSxRuXH
Retweeted by BWD@Chernynkaya @joshuadubois I feel that for years his advisers stopped him from being himself, and I blame her. Again, might be unfair.@Chernynkaya @joshuadubois I tend to blame her for every bad political advise Obama get, and he gets a lot of bad ones. Maybe it's unfair.@Chernynkaya @joshuadubois I don't like her, but unlike me, Joshua actually know her.@UnknownUngnomes @KPhed That's not the point of the cartoon.Let’s look at the Internet’s best Odell Beckham Jr. photoshops (This one via @nick_pants) http://t.co/T79EjknGvP http://t.co/FkRaGCg20y
Retweeted by BWDIn a poll, American Voters™ were asked: "Do you know what the fuck you're doing?" 98% responded "No. I have no fckng clue what I am doing."
Retweeted by BWDThe Valerie Jarrett I Know: How She Saved the Obama Campaign and Why She’s Indispensable http://t.co/ncnbtrgIrH via @JoshuaDuBoisGetty Images' Al Bello (@albello55) captured Odell Beckham Jr.’s catch moment-by-moment: http://t.co/3cmBF5juoL http://t.co/0X664Djozn
Retweeted by BWDThis is the #Giants???@bryann2 @politico No, they did not.Statement by the President on the passing of Marion Barry http://t.co/FlTIokeykX
Retweeted by BWDLiberals elated, Repubs angry that #Obama acted on #immigration. Why? He called the GOP's bluff. My column http://t.co/LWQWUnbjgq
Retweeted by BWDGreat game.Jesus Christ, white people. RT @deanbarker: "ready for Ferguson" http://t.co/nBiivESiDp http://t.co/YacbtyWvpz
Retweeted by BWDI saw you doing it many times. @jesseberney I could do that.Bend it like Beckham, if you can. #GiantsVsCowboysRand Paul says he wants surveillance reform. Instead, he helped sink it. http://t.co/J4k2WM3rwp
Retweeted by BWD#60Minutes breaking down the breathtaking rot consuming out national infrastructure. Congress should do something about... Oh never mind.
Retweeted by BWDWhat a catch, wow.@1776BetsyRoss @JohnJHarwood What exactly do think this bullshit link will do to me? It's your damn party. Are they in Obama conspiracy too?.@theGrio has a very thought provoking article on TMZ's headlines #MarionBarry vs Heath Ledger http://t.co/EdRk6r7ErF http://t.co/5mveA3aanq
Retweeted by BWD@ricnolaphl @ShawnYancy @JoyAnnReid @theGrio Really? That's what Barry was most known for? Can you be any more ignorant?@capetownbrown It's not "Where were his parents?", it's "Where was his FATHER"? My ears hurts of all the dog whistles.@AlonPinkas 7-0!!! End the game now!!!!These two guys just ran 550 miles, from Atlanta to Michael Brown's memorial. Their story soon on ThinkProgress... http://t.co/GLB6qLS3Wa
Retweeted by BWD@lvdjgarcia you can do that???? How???For the record, it should be "standard procedure" & "not out of the ordinary" for media to make sure we hear Michael Brown's story #Ferguson
Retweeted by BWDTurns out Obama didn't sign the Declaration of Independence. I guess he just didn't care whether America was independent or not.
Retweeted by BWDSOUTH CAROLINA Confederate flag should continue to be flown on the S.C. State House grounds 61% / Should not 33% (Winthrop Poll, 11/9-16)
Retweeted by BWDIf Hitler was alive today there would be #TeamAdolf on twitter.@TheObamaDiary @phemale61 awful, just awful.Tyranny. n. The rule or authority of a tyrant; or, for #FoxNews viewers, when a black President gets elected by a landslide, twice
Retweeted by BWDBREAKING: Fox News cancels Season 3 of "Benghazi," will replace it with "Shutdown 2.0" starring Ted Cruz
Retweeted by BWDTamir Rice. A 12yo shot dead by a Cleveland policeman. Make him more than a headline; remember the family, the smile. http://t.co/Pg9QzAsVSA
Retweeted by BWDLet's not forget that when Rudy Giuliani's daughter was caught shoplifting, store officials didn't want to charge her http://t.co/L8B01f035a
Retweeted by BWD@TheObamaDiary @phemale61 never coming to visit you, I'll die of hunger.@TheObamaDiary Thanks Michelle Obama.Israeli Cabinet Backs Controversial Nationality Bill, via @nytimes http://t.co/0d6x2zjRhv
Retweeted by BWD@TheObamaDiary http://t.co/Q3bHzSl1fv@TheObamaDiary ewwweeewwewee@TheObamaDiary they're both disgusting. At least find me something bad that is good!In case you wondered why .@smithsonian named Palin as influential American >David Koch Gives Smithsonian $35 Million For New Dinosaur Hall
Retweeted by BWDHow Racist Was Rudy Giuliani On Meet The Press? As. Fuck. http://t.co/j7v8b5lrH1 #p2 #tcot #BlackTwitter @MichaelEDyson
Retweeted by BWD12 children died from lawn dart accidents over the past 10 years. Shocking. 60 died from various forms of gun use yesterday. Whatever.
Retweeted by BWD@theonlyadult @TheObamaDiary @GStephanopoulos White people see it too, & I will never forget it. The cancer of racism must be removed.
Retweeted by BWDDear Rudy Giuliani, when talking about police shootings of blacks, changing the topic to Bad Stuff Black Folks Do Too is beyond offensive.
Retweeted by BWDHey Rudy Giuliani, most white murder victims are killed by whites. Cops don't swarm white neighborhoods looking for white-on-white killers.
Retweeted by BWDThe Piecemeal Assault on Health Care, -creating roadblocks instead of solutions. How can anyone vote for GOP??? http://t.co/YkjeKP3ayc
Retweeted by BWDNow that's what I call a Friday news dump. http://t.co/Ln5QzZum81 http://t.co/ieeIGxukNo
Retweeted by BWD@TheObamaDiary that's not even tasty!Where? RT @doohniborsipog @mskimrose @AngieDrue @DCiszczon it's one nation under GOD! Its in our constitution. Not Allah!! #prayforamerica
Retweeted by BWD@msbellows @Karoli OMG, this thread is hilarious.Wilson won't have to work one more day in his life. Killing black kids is a lucrative business.MSM eyes on those who fear Mike Brown's killer will go free MSM eyes not on system that would let his killer go free http://t.co/Cb12vZ1pZd
Retweeted by BWD@a4alice LOL, usually when I flirt with something bad it end with a huge slice of Pizza.A reminder that there are some wonderful people in the world: http://t.co/KPz5uorKWS
Retweeted by BWDThinking of eating something that is bad for me.12 year old #TamirRice was shot by Cleveland police for carrying a BB gun. He just died. And yes, he was black. This is your America.
Retweeted by BWD#Foxcatcher is an amazing piece of cinema. What a fucked up story.This one is pretty awesome >> @vonnahusby@keithboykin 22 maids!!!Get off my timeline... http://t.co/iweOGcKNuf
Retweeted by BWD.@brianstelter: Fox kept its audience "largely in the dark" about the new report that undermines their Benghazi hoax: http://t.co/8zZeC6qfg8
Retweeted by BWDCNN is trolling a dead child. He was not "brandishing" anything...What can you expect from network who interviews murderers off the record?
Retweeted by BWD@CBSNews @LesaPamplin Let me guess, the kid is black. Shocking.One cartoon worth 6 years. http://t.co/nLdcW40B43.@GStephanopoulos Black people feel Race relations are worse because of media types like you that allow racists to go unchallenged.
Retweeted by BWD.@GStephanopoulos Black people see how you treat the first black president and how you beg Darren Wilson to give you an interview.This picture sums up Rudy Giuliani perfectly http://t.co/Ek2HJx0sJd
Retweeted by BWDWhat was once impossible is now routine. #IranTalksVienna http://t.co/z9fbHbtvwr
Retweeted by BWD@blucaller @Shoq I don't know, I just see his name too much in my TL.Tamir Rice is the name of the 12-year-old child murdered by Cleveland police http://t.co/2Kya6Z8lDV http://t.co/dL5OwGR80E
Retweeted by BWD@Shoq @ThePlumLineGS You're a saint. And Greg, I love you.@andersoncooper Have you met Mike Brown too? Maybe he wants to do an interview.@Shoq @ThePlumLineGS Sorry, I just can't. :( It sucks, I love Greg, but I can't have Fournier in my TL.@BenBradleyABC7 @jayrosen_nyu @brianstelter So, when do you meet Mike Brown?
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