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@bear_foot Current status: http://t.co/osofNncpqZ@youngvulgarian I'm not sure but perhaps the hot food bit of Tesco might do that?
@TambaDragon Lovely to see you — and all the best!@mushybees Fantastic presents. Thank you. Already playing with the Mini Wizard! That is not a euphemism.@robmanuel @cr3 @mushybees Like Bette Davis eyes but worse. Thanks all.@quixoticgeek They turned it on recently. UK operators in the eastbound tunnel, French in the westbound (I think).
@Reynolds No, just the show I do with some friends!@ThrillScience Can you talk about, or show, something amazing that rest of the world doesn't know about? Drop me an email: tom@tomscott.comSix Citation Needed episodes edited and in a 'first draft' state. Still a lot of work to do to make them presentable, but it's looking good.@danielrmay Thanks - glad you liked it! Couldn't have done it without @unnamedculprit, of course.@robmanuel @SamuelDWatts Looks like it's http://t.co/dfMoawMyfy
@k0deh4mst3r Thanks very much - glad you like it!@2FrankH Thanks!@kembrek83 Interesting, thanks. Must go back to Cornwall at some point, it's been far too long...@WillKirkby That's lovely! I got "watching paint dry in extreme slow motion". Happy to see "reticulating splines" too.@MaraKatz12 @numberphile I know they did one on base 12!@unnamedculprit Sounds like an excuse for a company away day, that.New video! Why "four score and seven years ago"? http://t.co/xy5JwUYFH1@fridgehead That's more constructive than whoever sent the 1MB meme-image attachment.@Littlepixel The version you're seeing's likely been crushed by JPEG compression. I'm used to it: clean lines over accurate antialiasing.@mattround @cr3 @mushybees @mothdust CAN YOU PLEASE REMOVE ME FROM THIS TWITTER THREADThere's a full-on, company-wide, reply-to-all-apocalypse going on in the office. Resisting the urge to join in. http://t.co/My3Sth3xmg@marvelloustea I mostly shifted to "folks", "you folks", or "y'all" a while back. The first two seem more natural most of the time!
@edjeff I looked at the photo in that article and for a moment I thought Dave Grohl had suddenly become a Victorian villain.@unnamedculprit Tuned in just in time, over 3G. Thanks for the tipoff!@bear_foot Two new cheese puns. Both about being tall. We're living in amazing times.
@divstivs Good obscure comics knowledge there.St Paul's What are you doing St Paul's That is not how you do the Batsignal http://t.co/RgA4YbE9zb
@BothersBar Lepidopteral movement.
@O2 There's already a follow-up email in your webteam@ inbox!@cackhanded That reminds me, @O2 never replied to me about the spam I got from them. Sent them a follow-up email.@TRJeffries TIM. I just found out THIS happened last time: https://t.co/obVLYkXF7h
@DavidJBodycombe Possibly! We could certainly search for particular answers sent to the account and count the results...@SephyHallow I'm basically jealous of @iamdanw's entire journey. He held a room of techies rapt for 60 minutes with his holiday photos."Christmas in Yiwu": @iamdanw visits Yiwu Market, where cheap Christmas tat comes from. This is worth your time: http://t.co/8X79TFCOK7
@AbiWilks @cr3 @edjeff I am putting a ready meal in the office microwave and risking the ire of the cleaners. Rock 'n' roll.@mattround @mushybees That is an astonishing turn of phrase.The new @UsVsTh3m toy is the WUBCAM. Control dubstep wubs with your face. (It's all @cr3's fault.) http://t.co/wMjDL7gZKm@bear_foot Tree, generally made of plastic. Christmas decorations from a pound shop. Overcooked turkey. Bitter family recriminations.
@steffenbnielsen @Huwarf Right. It also handles group chats well, and has "is writing" alerts. More like an IM client than SMS.Apple's iMessage is down. Around the world, millions are frantically tapping "Try Again" buttons repeatedly, muttering "come on, come on".New video! The floating lighthouse in New York: the Lightship Ambrose - http://t.co/tGZHQXRb8m (thanks to the @SeaportMuseum!)@remeh Blimey, well done! That's the world record so far.Okay, today's new @UsVsTh3m game is "How Fast Can You Txt". I managed 0.81 seconds on my phone. Good luck beating me: http://t.co/G3BG45BU0Z@tajasel Fantastic! Have a brilliant time. :)@mattround @cr3 There's a sentence that's never been used before.
@SunnerLP I actually quite like SdR - it's a big stunt game show that wouldn't work anywhere else. Just wish they'd playtest properly!@BothersBar I really want to play that, if only because if my attempts to play along are accurate, I'd have kicked arse… (cc @garethbriggs)German TV last night: two men swinging a ring onto a hook. For €2.5m. For an hour. Unsuccessfully. http://t.co/SWahtMMIAT (via @BothersBar)@BothersBar Caught up with your tweets about it this morning. That's astonishing.@edjeff I feel like this is something you already know about but just in case: https://t.co/TRKJzHNCfH@MikhailSungovic Er, thanks!
@jellycrystals @Dr_JamesLogan @SciencePorn That looks both terrifying and incredibly expensive.@statacake @danielpeake How many Germans does it take to change a lightbulb? Oh. Turns out it's actually just one. Never mind. #bbsdr@MDisraeli Thanks - I've got through the day without reaching the maximum dose of ibuprofen, so I'm counting that as success!@hannahnicklin I am now actually considering who'd win in the event of a Band Aid 30 Brawl and I think it's probably Adele.
@TRJeffries About 10:30pm, apparently: http://t.co/rLmMXw1rJP@johnrh Too complicated!@Akki14 Good plan.@vickyjo Thanks!@jivameuk That's entirely reasonable.@johnrh Just wrote it in Google Docs. My actual todo list is just a plain text file!Pretty happy with my progress through my to do list today. http://t.co/wA79KFAslA
@tajasel @hannahnicklin And now I'm a little weirded out by you two knowing each other. Small world.@spiralofhope To be fair, I'm fairly sure someone could. Just not me.@_mattwill_ Suspect we'd have gone with "crockpots". Better meter! (Those are gone in the new series, but they'll be in bonus material.)@waxpancake Bloody hell. I didn't understand what was going on at the time, just saw the hashtag. That's astonishing.@PhonicUK Wasn't me!@mark_js @FutureLearn @RitaFevereiro Thanks for inviting me along folks, it was fun!@solelyfictional We'd have one today, but all our coders – myself included – are out of the office!@tef I'm not sure, but I *think* that justifies you taking a discreet picture of him and saying "now Giles, that's just rude".@tef [Also once shared a train carriage with Gyles Brandreth solidarity fistbump]@andymcblane Thanks!
@mrsmmartin Not yet...!@RightSaidJames @johnrh @mushybees @usvsth3m Yep. That comet's on a loop...@rachelclarke Flawless.I did code. @mushybees did art. The result: @usvsth3m's Unrealistic Comet Landing Simulator! It's like being at ESA. http://t.co/SlOoesvtxL@unnamedculprit @iamdanw @kevinprince It's a shame, because scoble_shower_photo.pdf has now disappeared into the ether.@iamdanw "...from e-mail accounts that you added to your Approved Personal Document E-mail List." :( http://t.co/KsjFtePe81@rnalexander @bluealchemist An entirely unrealistic one!@bluealchemist That's a bit closer to what I'm doing...!"I can't code accurate orbital mechanics in JavaScript in a day" is an actual thing I just said in the office. (To be fair, I can't.)@youngvulgarian That's amazing.@ShaMcgu There'll be more Citation Needed on YouTube soon; no immediate plans to do more audio, but you never know!@micrv @MousCase Already back in the UK - the videos are being released more slowly. Cheers though!
@Pearfalse cf. the drinks menu at the 'British pub' in Walt Disney World's Epcot: http://t.co/D30Hmrn1JP@whoisdanw Same here. This doesn't bode well.@ThatTribalGuy Thanks, but I think you're better spending your time on something more worthwhile! (We also couldn't vouch for your code.)
@whoisdanw You too, huh?@nbeethe If that's possible, I haven't found the setting.Facebook stores every search, for people or things, you've ever made on FB. See and clear it here (login required): https://t.co/5DnWrPL5K7New video! The liquid nitrogen tanks of New York: https://t.co/ugJqNX6Nmz@unnamedculprit @iamdanw @jonty @amosie Yep. Seconded.@Pearfalse @unnamedculprit That was @mushybees' gag!@unnamedculprit Yes! I'm glad someone noticed that gag.@edcrick @UsVsTh3m We actually considered having many options, but on mobile it got really fiddly! Always stick to the core joke."Is there no one left in Britain who can make a sandwich?" asks the Mail. I helped make @UsVsTh3m a game to find out: http://t.co/rZ4CjxZTgh@awmperry I came across those while researching, but decided they were — how do I put this — a bit too unlikely to include!
@bartonlee By a bench in the Centre, to the right of the fountains as you look towards the waterfront!@tef I am not a bot, FYI
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