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@garethbriggs New TV show for you? "Race to Escape", available via the usual channels. US escape room TV show. Surprisingly not awful.@BothersBar Odd: the clock stopped during the final pyro (pickup?) but given the 4 compliance credits I'd say it's on the level! Good show.@BothersBar Although to be fair I'm also screaming "take his blindfold off" at the other team now. I'm sold on this show now.@BothersBar I'm five minutes in now and I haven't shouted at the screen this much in a long long time. This is amazing.@_Billy_Ward Thanks!@pavel_lishin You're right - thank you!
The style guide on asking about gender is lovely. Now if only advertisers would stop targeting by it… tragic feeling when you're at the grocery store but they're all out of your gender's bread
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@_xxyy @comfreak Five tables in the database.@Georgeoftheday1 See for the details!Post-Emojli shutdown celebrations.'s the moment we killed Emojli, with suitably dramatic music.
Retweeted by Tom Scott@hughrawlinson @dsilverstone @Emojli No, we're legally required to delete all user details and messages when we close. Data Protection Act.@dsilverstone @emojli Already gone! (Legally, I have to.)Deceased: @emojli. Time of death: 1630 BST. video! The Russian Woodpecker of Chernobyl: how to see over the horizon:
@kembrek15 @cr3 Good spot! Yes, it was :)@reediekris Just rewatched it, and finding myself cringing at my old style. Ah well. Anyway, yes! DM or email me at some point :)@reediekris How on earth did you find that?! And yes - we should catch up soon, since @bear_foot isn't around to get us in the same room!@boggits @tomm3h @tref @tdobson Tag me out of this, please? It's something I left behind a long time ago.@tarasyoung @cr3 Nope nope nope@Mizukitron The sauce (gravy) is hot. Melts the cheese underneath!@cr3 Not sure Newport counts as the North, but that’s your next #newformat right there.@teraspawn I’m not sure I can deal with that right now. I just ate…@mnowster Same here, actually. Memories of Skegness :)@JoBarrow Oh. Oh dear. Is that mayo in the corner? You… you win, I’m not even going to try and come back to that.@cr3 That’s a child’s portion, FYI.New hobby: overfiltered arty Instagram photos of really unappetising-looking food. #chipscheeseandgravy #newport Nearly, half way up the stairs there!@TheHodge Appropriate face!@cds501 It’s not particularly offensive, and neither’s the etymology, so it survived!New Citation Needed! Today, @garybrannan, @unnamedculprit and Chris take on Sidney Weltmer and the Queen's Package:'ll be honest, internet: that's the most terrified of heights I've been in a long, long while. #newport Oh my stars, Corbyn is the left’s Farage. Plain speaking. Says what “real people think”. Not the establishment. It all fits.
@MY_Reich That's not a bad idea! There's a lovely Wired article on it here: Oh wow. That's an amazing bit of information!New video! How to visit Chernobyl, a ten-minute Q&A with @cr3 and me: Reminder than you can just cat file.mp3 file.gif > combined.gif and you'll have a GIF that parses and also works in some MP3 players@garageguyeve Looks good, but I'll wait for others to upgrade first. I'm happy with 7 for now, but my next PC will have 10.What do you get if you cross an insecure computer and a sniper rifle? About what you'd expect: It still exists, somewhere, but I don't think it's showing up anywhere these days.@ashleymgrant About a month ago.@sheilamu @pkqk @tef I could be pro-burrito if you don't mind +1? No worries if not; I don't want to assume and invite myself! (Group DM?)
@tessacooper5 Interesting! I remember having a discussion about old university newspaper archives once, with similar concerns…@TheMerovius If he was around, I didn't see him :)@TRJeffries video! Radioactive bananas in Chernobyl: It was @cr3's planning, mostly - I was along for the ride!@bear_foot Yes! We were rather happy at that point...@VenikaMenon Glad you like it :)
@bear_foot Still friends with a couple of the other team captains on Facebook! Remind me to tell you filming stories sometime.@stoleaccordion And he drives his tank off into an ASCII sunset.@bear_foot Hello from many years ago@skattyadz A month or so ago. It's a long, long way away from anywhere disputed, although obviously you should check before going!The slow, steady sunset of Google+ starts here, with the announcement it's being decoupled from YouTube. About time: video! Making humanity's worst nuclear disaster safe: Chernobyl's New Confinement Structure:
@hannahnicklin Amazing, amazing, amazing, well done!
Here's how I received a weather satellite image with my laptop & an £8 dongle!
Retweeted by Tom Scott@unnamedculprit That’s amazing!
@TheCavac I'm not coming to CCC, but if I were, this'd be the talk I'd give: !Just finished preparing next week's videos! Five in five days: four from Chernobyl, plus Thursday's Citation Needed. This'll be busy.@whoisdanw Already have plans, alas!@tef Yep. And your “never going to be an astronaut” message earlier tugged at the heartstrings…!
@cr3 Space is not that purple, PaulAlso, I met Helen Sharman, the first Briton in space, who was lovely! Odd to meet someone I read about growing up. Baumgartner and Joe Kittinger (on the left), doing a Q&A on stage at @MagnaScience. That was a good evening. Citation Needed! This week, @garybrannan, @unnamedculprit and Chris take on Sergeant Reckless and Terry Google: To be fair the one I went to in NYC made a really good burger.
@youngvulgarian They've tried it with other songs and networks before, but it never took off, presumably because they didn't have "merp merp".Just laughed for two minutes straight. Not an exaggeration. Two minutes of constant laughter. Well done @Jimjar. Actually I guess I just did.@nuttyninjaboy No idea. Hard drives, I guess?@EwaSR Remind me to tell you the story about the bride's aunt giving the groom a lap dance while singing "Lovin' You" off-key sometime.@nuttyninjaboy I'd say Amazon S3 or equivalent, assuming you encrypt before it leaves your own computer.@AnnieMouse81 @Join_Dave Hardly! It’s a much, much older gag than that :)
@v0tti No - I'm not really good at the outdoors :)@flashboy I thought that was "Kill the Wabbit" but that last line just doesn't scan
@gbrannanarchive If you see four kids and their dog in an old van, run for it.@Joshua_Trace Thanks :)@ih8yh Yes! Two days and a night in the zone; there should be three videos and a behind-the-scenes "how to get there", like Svalbard :)New video! The world's largest indoor waterpark: A little from column A, a little from column B.
In Eltham? Wondering who’s in the minibus with “Barbie Girl” blasting out of the windows? That’s us. #sorrynotsorry — @cr3 is driving the minibus and I’m in the back. @cakefacegrace It’s got less than two weeks left to live :)Today: saw some sound mirrors. And a funicular railway. Great day out, well done everyone. @infraclub @tef Ask @unnamedculprit, it’s his! (I think he also owns @gameboycamera)In case that seemed facetious: the @infraclub Code of Conduct is great and a model all such groups should follow: checked, and the @infraclub Code of Conduct doesn’t prohibit bunny-ears behind Game Boy Camera selfies. first @infraclub field trip is on its way to the Denge Sound Mirrors!
@letao_nox Fair enough! The last US road trip I did was Baton Rouge to Orlando, so it's been a while :)@ginader Ha! Considering I ripped the planet names and setting from them, I can't really complain about that :)@whoisdanw @jontywareing Would totally do road trip from Orlando to the Keys, FYI@stoleaccordion Thanks! In hindsight, should have probably referenced academic research there...@captain_bunny Already have plans, sorry!
@captain_bunny @gmartin You return 20 years later with a different sandwich, but claim it's... you know, I can't remember that novel well.@aewsomepete Thanks very much!@captain_bunny I want a sandwich now. Preferably that sandwich, but you know, any decent sandwich will do.
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