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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan, Fire Island, 重庆

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches.

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http://t.co/JCBuICc2kFFire Island Pines harbor on this Memorial Day weekend. http://t.co/ijriZCFxxeArea men out jogging wearing Apple Watches.Spotted an Apple Watch in the wild for the first time while out jogging. This thing is beginning to catch on.@neilcybart you mean alarm.con@Cisco_Mobile @asymco @efernandez @CNBC sure, but not before the demise of CNBC and CSCO..Fond memories of Prof. Nash's writings on the blackboard on the 4th fl. of Jadwin Hall (Princeton Physics graduate lounge). #BeautifulMindRIP Professor John Nash. http://t.co/FAQ1Suk83B
Ok, this is my next travel destination: https://t.co/Lbu6erGg7bU.S. media organizations are too "patriotic" to ask US government tough questions. They are no more "free press" than People's Daily.@lukew @abdophoto what app is that?@emanuelderman or when 'sample size" is of oder 10^23, the law of "statistics" changes. only nature, not theory can tell what will happen.@FTcare I'd appreciate it if you can forward my suggestions to your IT people. There has to be a better solution than resetting password.@tim there has to be a better solution to this problem without forced resetting password. Thanks.@tim 3) sometime I leave iPad in the office logged in, and I can't login from home because I can't logout from iPad first.@tim 2) why can't they automatically log me out from one device when I login from a different one?@tim 1) i understand FT is trying to avoid sharing login, but many people have several iOS devices and Macs.@tim can you forward my suggestions below to FT's subscriber department? Regarding multiple devices login:@FTcare am I asking too much for paying a few hundred dollars a year?@FTcare if I left my iPad in the office logged in, how am I supposed to log out? I'm asking for a user friendly solution.@FTcare how hard it's is for you to log me out automatically when I login from a different device?@neilcybart according to Wolfram, BBRY peaked 10 days after iPhone 3G launched! Guess the market realized Iphone wasn't a fad after all.@neilcybart yahoo finance agree with Wolfram. Google must have messed up stock splits somewhere.@neilcybart google is wrong. I was trading the shares back then.@neilcybart BBRY stock did not peak till well into 2008! http://t.co/iSBRzNsl28@reneritchie @neilcybart not mention the paper companies like Bowater. The parallel to Finland is striking.@FTcare that's not a very user friendly solution. Your mobile tech people should do better than that.@jonfortt see your doctor asap!@FTcare you need to stop messing around with this subscriber who has multiple iOS devices and Macs. I'm not sharing login with others!@jonfortt you are wearing it too loosely? never happen to me.Still a bit chilly, but the pool is open. http://t.co/aceu97Ipwi'After a month, I don’t want to be without it.' Our tech writer @tim has fallen in love with the Apple Watch: http://t.co/EACVAtWoKz
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“It’s OK—we’ll be fine,” Mr. Balsillie responded. The Inside Story of How the iPhone Crippled BlackBerry - WSJ http://t.co/gY7KmMSYdd
@OhMDee can you imagine Apple didn't create its own maps?@craigbuj @kirkburgess so the probable buyers + definite buyers = 25% of all polled?@TelegraphNews doesn't seem very difficult at all.@MacRumors @earthTOmitchel look at those ugly things, who would put them on their wrists?
@macstoriesnet and continuous compounding for $AAPL share holders@nichcarlson @appleinsider between Ming Chi-Kuo and Morgan Stanley, analysts are all just pulling numbers out of thin air. Nobody knows.@nichcarlson https://t.co/IriKJvPpET@neilcybart I met my own recommended goals everyday since I got my watch.@natbro @eric_analytics @AaronSuplizio nobody is saying sports watch is not profitable, it's just below 40% Margin.@natbro @eric_analytics @AaronSuplizio I'm sorry, I believe Tim Cook more than some random people on Twitter.@natbro @eric_analytics @AaronSuplizio did you hear TIm said not to believe any BOM estimate?@hellomnma @eric_analytics @AaronSuplizio profit is the mother of all innovations for the mass adoption.@hellomnma @eric_analytics @AaronSuplizio without high margin, they can't fund the next big innovations.@hellomnma @eric_analytics @AaronSuplizio Apple's corporate GM is around 40%. Without higher margin ones, they can't reach the threshold.@mikekelton @carlquintanilla how do you even know how your dead grandfather felt?@natbro @eric_analytics @AaronSuplizio you obviously didn't listen to Tim Cook on the conference call.@AaronSuplizio @cdixon $10K Apple Gold watch is necessary for $350 Apple watch sports. 0.1% subsidizing the mass.@BenedictEvans @gassee how about amount of useful information exchanged? When talk was expensive, people communicated more concisely.Another record👌👌👌#addicted http://t.co/9pzCwTMWKI@nichcarlson so he doesn't know better than others. Rather than admitting his own errors, he blame "weak demand" while wait time is 5 weeks?@nichcarlson @SAI if he's so accurate, why is he cutting his own forecast? Was he inaccurate in his first forecast? Or was he just guessing?@benthompson i stopped listening your latest podcast when your cohost started nitpicking. He needs a FB watch.@benthompson had Apple allowed no 3rd party apps, you guys would be carping on it. they can't win. re: your exponent podcast@ChuBailiang guess there is no imminent domain law in China?Wouldn't it be nice if some day there is a court trial to decide the guilty or innocent in the open? https://t.co/pFqesCI2ED
My extra white sports band arrived today. "Fluorelastomer" feels like soft porcelain! http://t.co/mqR1CCb9Kg@OhMDee @stevekovach shouldn't that be "Samsung is in a Kimchi"?@eric_analytics yes. The same "cloud computing" available to all vendors-> rapid price decline.@eric_analytics my user experience and enjoyment cannot be commoditized.@eric_analytics Apple monetizes it throughly iTunes movies rental, HBO now sub, and hardwares upgrade every 2 years.@eric_analytics I think "cloud computing" as forklifts in Manhattan mini storage sites. Forklifts are commodities.@eric_analytics talking to my watch to control my TV can only be offered by Apple, not Amazon or Dropbox@eric_analytics truely differentiated products will reside in vertically integrated companies like Apple.@eric_analytics cloud analytical tools offered by these companies "off the shelve" will be commoditized as well.$ETSY is looking Iffy after its first earnings report after IPO. Williamsburg hipsters are like: http://t.co/CgDrrNdAQM@reneritchie @jsnell still no middle finger.@zcichy @OhMDee sorry, I was thinking of being awake while in bed. Never mind.@zcichy @OhMDee you wear the watch while sleeping?@neilcybart he could've got one if he begged Tim Cook for one. Guess he's too proud to ask.@zerohedge @tim wide ownership, but not very deep. So AAPL is under owned in terms of % of portfolio.@BenBajarin why is Wall Street still bullish in Qualcomm? Qualcomm's best days are over. No?@BenedictEvans @OhMDee no. For many people a chauffeur driven car = self driving car.
@neilcybart it means the number 3 def in NYC: http://t.co/UonPYw4emO@MikeIsaac @daiwaka "a thousand no for every yes"@carlquintanilla @daiwaka Gene Munster is so depressed now, he may downgrade $AAPL tomorrow.@neilcybart doen't count. you can't get Crackle on it.
@michaelbatnick @ReformedBroker @KirstenGrind but not after taxes.@mikeisaac bad link@BenedictEvans @_mlevi I'll subscribe to wsj, but will never pay for SF weekly.@BenedictEvans @_mlevi maybe Adblockers are just the disruptors we need to get contents worth paying for.@BenedictEvans @_mlevi nobody forced the content creators to create anything for me to enjoy.@raykwong @amnesty @conradhackett that's true if not counting people executed by cops. Including people killed by cops, USA is number one.
@ChuBailiang did they check his cholesterol levels?
@timhobill @ReformedBroker every analysis by Jim Grant sounded great and made total sense. Thank god I didn't actually follow any of them.@ReformedBroker in Grant's case, if you followed his advices, you'd be bankrupt long before others agree with you.@TheDomino after WWDC you'll know what's likely to be on the market, by who and when.@TheDomino wait till After WWDC and Homekit launch.@stevesi @FT anything hurting Google is fine.
@CarlMinzner @ChuBailiang @Edourdoo feel sorry for the Prime Minister who had to suffer through the ceremony. He didn't seem enjoying it.@fmanjoo @jackshafer BS.@raykwong that's because birthdate varies in traditional lunar calendar. Completely normal.WTF? https://t.co/g9NZd2HZCRWhat's up with all these Apple loving, heavy weight Republicans? First Rush Limbaugh, and now Newt Gingrich? https://t.co/CFim380iLu@eric_analytics @stvnsnthn @dtellom @aapltree people may share their HBO pswd, no body will share their Apple ID.@alansmurray @CNNMoney just use apple pay to reload card.
@thirdmetric @HuffingtonPost don't give a sh*t what you will or won't wear.@appleinsider thanks for the tip. Just did it! http://t.co/rsTrUQ6QKt
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