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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches.

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@mims it's on your Apple TV too.@fmanjoo yes it's called a16z blog and podcast.@SGuergachi nobody is perfect.@ianbremmer what if Hollywood makes a movie insulting the great Jewish state of Israel? Will there be threats against theaters?@charlesarthur Sony hasn't learned the rounded corner thing quite right.@charlesarthur somehow the one on the right looks just a bit too rectangular.@ianbremmer freedom of speech != freedom from consequences.@ianbremmer Sony has a right to make the offensive film, NK has a right to sabotage the film by hacking. no?@ianbremmer me too, but also the deal leader's right to proportionate self-defense.@BenBajarin never exercise life's options till the last possible moment. Procrastinate, procrastinate and procrastinate.@byAlanWong @StephenMcDonell this is so much more interesting than those OccupyHK stories.@fmanjoo @bencasselman you can drop "oil": experts know nothing.@marcedwards @rustyshelf so the common lesson is to stick with customers who are willing to pay.@marklisanti omg they are that old?@marcedwards @rustyshelf user experience is like porn, you can't tell what it is until you see it.@marcedwards @rustyshelf the apparent arbitrary "standard" of App Store review is a result of Apple putting user experience first.@marcedwards @rustyshelf your chance of surviving is greater with great user experience which can only be appreciated when people use it.@SGuergachi you sounded bitter. Apple customers seem pretty happy. 98% scarification rate shows they are doing something right.
@SGuergachi @marcedwards @rustyshelf great user experience is not something you can put on a paper. You only know it when you use it.@SammyWalrusIV haha, the same here with tables and charts of apple products sales.@rustyshelf @marcedwards here are the facts: http://t.co/a7YXf5snEN@marcedwards @rustyshelf maybe, just maybe, if your apps are rejected, they are just not that good? And Apple's standards are higher? Maybe@marcedwards @rustyshelf it's not about developers. It's about end users.@marcedwards @rustyshelf pipe dream. Android users are cheapskates and they want everything free.@asymco video link?No Hollywood studio hoping to distributing films in China dare to make a film insulting the Chinese leadership. Too bad NK has no money.Why did Sony's movie depict the assassination of the Korean dictator and not some Chinese dictator? Future business/money? Some free speech!@marcedwards @marcoarment good for you. Fortunately there are many risk takers out there.@marcedwards sure. I hear the same whining by the same developers meanwhile app stores download is exploding.@marcedwards android users don't pay nothing. If you want people to pay, a little suffering is the price.@marcedwards sounds familiar.@marcedwards yes, of course, unless you want people who will pay.@marcedwards I'm a user and I don't care. I just want a good user experience and willing to pay for it. Apple's loyalty is to its users.@marcedwards hire a better electrician then.@marcedwards @marcoarment nobody said it's easy to make money. No pain no gain.@marcedwards @marcoarment yes you are.@marcedwards @marcoarment so you are missing out on users' dollar then@GStephanopoulos @ThisWeekABC why should US respond? Sony is not even an American corporation. Let the Japanese respond.@seouldan @EmanuelDerman remember Bill Clinton and Sister Souljah moment?@seouldan @EmanuelDerman they are killed by bad guys in TV and movies. Try make one in which cops are villains.U.S. Deputy President Biden derided as ignorant hornswoggler. http://t.co/dXhA91ePCb
Retweeted by Joe ZouApple's DIRTY SECRET isn't that secret, or that dirty http://t.co/XJe0XBPsE6
Retweeted by Joe Zou@ericjackson @macworld Tim.@EmanuelDerman why haven't we heard anything from the Japanese government? Sony is a Japanese firm!"Theoretical physics risks becoming a no-man's-land between maths, physics & philosophy" http://t.co/2irtFV6G7G http://t.co/uhXIeq6V5K
Retweeted by Joe Zou@counternotions did Gene AppleTV Munster write something new?
@EmanuelDerman can you imagine someone in this country make a cop killing film? First amendment right matters selectively.@fmanjoo she'll be forgotten in 5 years.@EmanuelDerman Staple now accepts Apple Pay. It only gets a onetime alias of my cc number.@EmanuelDerman @dkberman @WSJbusiness I use it wherever it's accepted. Setup couldn't be any easier. Best part is using it online!@dkberman @WSJbusiness this why apple pay is great!@EmanuelDerman or closer to home: a Cuban film depicting the assassination of Obama?@9to5mac what's his definition of "digital payment?Area residents are queuing up in front of bank tellers to get cash for tipping seasonally friendly co-op doormen. #onlyInNYC#SFin5Words pretty boys and strong girls@BenBajarin 67mm demand sounds good, did Morgan Stanley say If Apple can make 67mm?@SirSteven no
The Last Corbert show!how to make $2bn? start with $4bn: Oil’s Drop Hits Big Investors Hard - WSJ http://t.co/1AlLuKRB9y@sammywalrusiv "a penny save is a penny earned".@sammywalrusiv so $3bn multiplied by 15, we are talking about $45bn market cap created! that's money found under the couch cushion?@Robotbeat money >>> first amendment right.@Robotbeat the same.@Robotbeat blame the insurance company of Sony.@SammyWalrusIV I heard insurance will pay if it's a total loss, won't pay if it's a partial loss. Hence no show in any format.@fmanjoo @nytimes you mean Amazon may have built those giant fulfillment centers unnecessarily?@BenBajarin US started this. Huawei was banned by US. Sprint had to promise US not to use Huawei to get SoftBank deal approved.@jonfortt @gharo34 how will Americans react if Cuba makes a movie in which killing Obama is the story?@jonfortt @gharo34 seems a fair game for NK to retaliate against Sony for insulting the deal leader. NK can claim self-defense, no?@charlesarthur @DPRK_News 10,000 years of life?I think I can get used to this. http://t.co/QTr7eYPaCt@mryap @withoutdoing try not to think about that when drinking 菊花茶.@lauralambeth $200 upfront over 2 year = $8/month <<< better user experience + faster phone (time saver) -> greater satisfaction =pricelessEver wonder what the bureau of statistics actually do? The Chinese have a good answer: https://t.co/yvbfSL6opcWhy the Sony hack is unlikely to be the work of North Korea http://t.co/SFryKEiabP (via @newsycbot)
Retweeted by Joe Zou@lauralambeth Go to any carrier website, see the total cost over 2 years (monthly payment, upfront, Data plan ..)@lauralambeth economically irrational preference.@lauralambeth @iFixit by not getting a new phone every 2 years, you are helping your carrier making more money off you.@lauralambeth @iFixit you do realize that regardless the age of your phone, the carriers charge you the same monthly fee? Do your numbers.@lauralambeth @iFixit you are an irrational consumer. Telephone carriers love you.
@jbarro except Sony takes order from Japanese prime minister, not mitt.Why did Sony scrap VOD for The Interview? Insurance, a (non-sony) source tells me. A total loss invokes full coverage, partial doesn't.
Retweeted by Joe Zou@SammyWalrusIV maybe Eddy Cue does everything over phone?@scottcarson1957 @LeeBillings let the Japanese go to war with the dear leader.@scottcarson1957 @LeeBillings Sony is not even an American company@jamesrobin6 @JoshBlockDC @stanyee @business SoftBank is the Japanese telecom buying Sprint.This is fantastic, Just ordered my groceries on @Instacart! Check it out: http://t.co/BaH5MWDsF6Sony made a movie insulting the dear leader of NK, the dear Leader retaliated by Preemptive cyber hacking. It seems fair self-defense. No?@JoshBlockDC @stanyee @business US already does the same. Sprint banned Huawei as a condition for US approval of SoftBank deal. #boomerang@SammyWalrusIV re. TV viewers, is that the number of TVs tuned to the show or actual number of viewers? Most people skip FB auto plays.@SammyWalrusIV aiya.
Apple halted sales in Russia. Apple must have seen a sales surge as Russians rushed to convert #Rubles into iPhones as a store of values.@RonanFarrow fine if you re-fry them@HeerJeet in short term for sure. Long term, this mess caused by oil shall pass.@counternotions LBO Warren buffet's Berkshire.@monkbent @ericjackson what is the total sum of all these message apps valuations? can the world Ad dollars support the total value?@sammywalrusiv mostly paid beats adsScientists' brain can burn a lot of calories, too much donuts make cops real fat: http://t.co/u1mk1MJLtN@dkberman @WSJbusiness good scientists brains can burn a lottery of calories. Too much donuts, on the other hand, make cops fat.@SammyWalrusIV I mute the sound and watch the crawler at the bottom.
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